Thursday, September 21

Poland says King Bluetooth is buried in his country | Digital Trends Spanish

Some time ago at Digital Trends we told you the story of the Danish king Harald “Bluetooth” Gormsson from Denmarkwho gave his name to wireless equipment connection technology.

Now, an archaeological dispute indicates that the body of the former Viking king is buried in the town of Wiejkowo, in an area of ​​northwestern Poland.

Marek Kryda, author of the book “Viking Poland”, told Associated Press that a “pagan mound” he claims to have located under Wiejkowo’s 19th-century Roman Catholic church likely contains the king’s remains. Kryda said geological satellite images available on a Polish government website revealed a rotund shape that looked like a Viking burial mound.

Experts have determined that to determine the location of the tomb, they echoed a cast gold disk dating from the 10th century. The Latin inscription on what is now known as the “curmsun disk” reads: “Harald Gormsson (Curmsun in Latin) king of Danes, Scania, Jomsborg, city of Aldinburg’.

The disc came from a treasure found in 1841 in a tomb below the Wiejkowo church, which replaced a medieval chapel.

The nearby Baltic Sea island and town of Wolin cultivate the region’s Viking history: it has a rune stone in honor of Harald Bluetooth and holds annual Slav and Viking festivals.

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