Monday, August 15

Poland Says Minsk Now Sends It “Very Aggressive” Immigrants

Special envoy to Bialystok (Poland)



In this challenge by Belarus to the borders of Poland, those of Europe, with human beings as hostages and where there is no way to certify what is happening to either side, the Warsaw authorities again denounced this Sunday that the regime from Alexander Lukashenko it has not stopped pushing migrants to cross into its territory. And he emphasizes that those who participated in the attempt this Saturday night were “very aggressive.” An accusation with which Poland could be wanting to justify the massive summary expulsions of immigrants relying on the sentence obtained by Spain in the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, which in 2020 endorsed the calls ‘hot returns’

in Ceuta and Melilla in case the incursions were carried out with violence.

Beyond the images of the neat logistics centers full of immigrants – where the Minsk regime has allowed the cameras to enter these days – the official version of Warsaw hardened this Sunday coinciding with the visit of his primer ministro, Mateusz Morawiecki to the Baltic countries for support.

“Armed and drunk”

In the middle of that trip, the Minister of National Defense published on the networks that “drunk Belarusians are on duty at the border armed” accompanied by a video whose veracity cannot be verified, while Morawiecki himself agitated the hypothesis on his channels of an offensive of Vladimir Putin. “We are concerned about the growing presence of Russian troops in Ukraine, in Belarus, along the border between Russia and Belarus and in the Kaliningrad Oblast. It can be used for a direct attack. A poll released yesterday by ‘Rzeczpospolita’ warned that 55.1% of Poles fear an escalation.

The ghost of an armed conflict It attracts concerns, the thick mutual accusations – drunkenness, use of children … – are distracting and the humanitarian emergency runs the risk of being left one plane behind. Especially when it is inaccessible.

The official message from the border guard on this presumed violence by immigrants over the weekend read: “On Saturday, a hundred very aggressive foreigners brought to the border by Belarusian military tried to enter Poland by force. The Polish services avoided it. ‘ In total, they refer 208 attempts on Saturday to “force their entry” into the country “somewhat less than on Friday but well below the 501 attempts logged on Wednesday».

“They were beaten and forced to demonstrate against Poland,” testifies an Iraqi Kurd whose name responds to the initials RB, who managed to reach Germany on the fifth day, but whose wife remains in the open in the Belarusian immigrant camp, who crossed the bordering southern Hajnowka.

From his own experience, RB reiterates to this newspaper that Lukashenko’s soldiers “beat you down if you don’t do what they want” and that one night they put a whole group against the concertina wire “to scream and try to break them.” «We are peaceful people, we seek a better life, we are not terrorists“, the Mint. He also relates that the Polish military that he has been dealing with so many times are no better. “I have a friend who was shot with a rubber bullet saying, ‘Fuck you, this is so you can go back to Iraq.’ There is also no way to contrast it.

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