Sunday, January 29

Police and civil guards agree to mobilize against the Government after a meeting at the PP headquarters with Feijóo

Nine National Police unions and Civil Guard associations held a meeting yesterday at the national headquarters of the Popular Party in which they discussed unity of action and the call for an upcoming demonstration against the reform of the Citizen Security Law promoted by PSOE , Unidas Podemos and other parliamentary groups of the so-called investiture bloc.

PP and Vox join the misrepresentations of the reform of the Gag Law launched by the police unions


Without the assistance of PP officials, the meeting took place after the head of the opposition, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, had received the union representatives, praised them for the reception that their work has among the citizens and promised them to reverse the changes that can be approved in the aforementioned legal text if it reaches the Government.

In the midst of a storm due to the crisis of the appointments of the Constitutional Court, with the conservative bloc delaying the appointment of the candidates chosen by the Government, the Police unions and the Civil Guard associations received a call last Wednesday to meet with the President of the Popular Party.

The text of the message did not specify the reason for the call, although some of those present frame it in the custom that party leaders have of holding a meeting with the corporate representatives of the Police and Civil Guard when they arrive in office.

The five unions with representation on the Police Council and four of the associations that make up the Civil Guard Council attended the national headquarters in Genoa – one of them was absent due to illness of its president. They were received by the Deputy Secretary General of the Popular Party, Esteban González Pons, and by the party’s spokesperson on the Interior Commission, Ana Vázquez.

Feijóo arrived late because he had been listening to Sánchez’s appearance, PP sources confirm, and he was absent earlier than expected to also intervene before the media for the same reason, the crisis in the Constitutional Court. The leader of the Popular Party made an initial speech thanking the union representatives for their presence. He also took the opportunity to extol the reception that his work and his claims have in society, as reported to various sources present at the meeting.

Among some of the union representatives, the idea spread that Feijóo was encouraging them to protest against the reform of the so-called ‘Gag Law’, at a key moment in the parliamentary process of its reform, without the PP leader expressly calling to mobilization.

Once the meeting with Fejóo ended, the leader of Jupol, Aarón Rodríguez, asked the PP to leave them a room where they could continue the meeting, now without the presence of politicians. And it was there, in a room in Genoa, where the representatives of the police and civil guards discussed the need to recover the unity of action against the reform of the Citizen Security Law and to call another large demonstration, possibly in January, to three months of the municipal elections.

In the meeting with Feijóo, the representatives of the police and civil guards had expressed their concern about the aforementioned reform, although they also alluded to their demand for “salary equality” with the regional police or the withdrawal of the Traffic jurisdiction of the Civil Guard in Navarra. , which this Government has begun to execute despite being an agreement of the Council of Ministers of José María Aznar.

Feijóo only expressly promised to reverse the changes that now occur in the Citizen Security Law and announced that he will introduce others, if he governs, that guarantee greater security to the agents in the exercise of their functions.

Hours before the meeting, El Mundo had published information in its Tuesday edition with the following headline: “Civil guards and police threaten to mobilize before the new offensive of the Government to end the ‘gag law'”. The headline was supported in the text by statements by Jusapol leaders in the Civil Guard (Jucil) and in the Police (Jupol). These organizations led the November 2021 protest against the PSOE and Unidas Podemos amendments to the reform promoted by the PNV.

As explained at the time, the call for that protest included statements that the aforementioned PSOE and Unidas Podemos text did not make and, as is usual in Jusapol, it included statements of clear ideological content that transcended the powers of the Police and Civil Guard when applying the laws passed by Parliament. The call was quickly joined by PP, Vox and Ciudadanos and the result was a success of attendance.

The Popular Party: “It is a common practice”

In the PP they justify that Feijóo’s meeting with the representatives of the police and civil guards was not publicized. “It is common practice,” say the sources consulted by, for the president to cite “civil society” groups without it being communicated to the media or having any subsequent significance.

The same sources assure that the main objective of the meeting was to present the union leaders and the leader of the PP, who has held the position since last April. Regarding the specific content, in the party they do not want to confirm the agenda of the meeting or what topics were discussed. “He did not have a determined political agenda,” they point out from Feijóo’s environment.