Sunday, January 16

Police arrest bitcoin Pharaoh death squad that planned to kill Globo journalist

A new operation launched by the Civil Police this Saturday (18) put the “Pharaoh of Bitcoins” in the authorities’ sights again. Named “Operation Sarcophagus“Recalling the tombs of pharaohs in ancient Egypt, the civil police carried out warrants against several suspects of being part of an extermination group in the Lakes Region.

In less than a week, it is worth remembering, this is the second time that Glaidson Acácio dos Santos has been indicted and the target of search and seizure warrants. According to investigations, he is the leader of the cases of violence in the region and would even target a Globo journalist.

New operation against the “Pharaoh of Bitcoins” indicates that he ordered the killing of Wesley Pessano, the “King of Pullback”

In July 2021, the Lake District was shocked to see a barbaric crime in public, against Wesley Pessano. With the case being investigated since then, “Operation Pullback” was launched to find out who were behind the crime.

With several operations, this Saturday the Operation Sarcophagus it was triggered as a dismemberment of the “Pullback”, arresting Glaidson dos Santos and Ananias da Cruz Vieira (both previously arrested) and Filipe José Aleixo Guimarães, according to a statement from the Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro in which the Livecoins gained access.

“This Saturday morning, “OPERATION SARCOPHAGUS” was launched, a dismemberment of Operation PULLBACK, which aims to identify and arrest the members of the Criminal Organization that ordered and executed the death of WESLEY PESSANO, a cryptocurrency trader murdered in July of this year in São Paulo. Pedro da Aldeia.”

The suspect arrested this morning Filipe José Aleixo Guimarães is the brother of Daniel Aleixo Guimarães, alias “Dani Boy”, who was also the target of the operation, but is still a fugitive from justice. PC-RJ learns that the Aleixo Brothers were some of the members of the extermination group that was acting under the orders of Glaidson dos Santos and ended up taking Pessano’s life.

Another reported crime is that they would have tried to kill the former leader of Black Warrior (BW), another case of violence that was unsuccessful due to the man having his armored vehicle.

Rio de Janeiro’s civil police have already arrested 10 people linked to Pessano’s murder, two of which are at large and are identified as the right-hand man of the “Pharaoh of Bitcoins”, who was also the target of this Saturday’s operation.

With this arrest warrant, Glaidson dos Santos already has three requests for arrest in the Brazilian court, two for homicide links and another for crimes against the national financial system (financial pyramid).

Extermination group wanted to kill Globo journalist to set an example

On work, Rede Globo journalist Lívia Torres was one of those who covered the case of GAS Consultoria Bitcoin in Cabo Frio, presenting the case on Fantástico for the entire national territory. This report was presented after the death of Wesley Pessano and would have greatly angered the company’s leaders by the impact of the company that not even social networks had.

But the commissioner of the PC-RJ homicide division who investigated Pessano’s death believes that this December 2021 the journalist from Globo would be another target of the extermination group, according to information revealed by the portal RLagos, who spoke directly with the investigator.

The journalist was removed from Globo, a company that was also aware of the threats against its employee. According to investigators, the journalist would be killed after the “dust settles down” to serve as an example.