Tuesday, June 6

Police arrest Brazilian trader who was wanted for scamming clients | Bitcoin Portal

The Civil Police of Goiás (PC/GO) arrested trader Péricles José Torres Galindo Filho on Friday afternoon (21), pursuant to an arrest warrant issued by the 1st Court of the District of Floriano, in Piauí. He is accused of involvement in a financial pyramid scam that caused losses of around R$ 20 million to the victims.

The suspect was arrested around 2:30 pm in Setor Balneário Meia Ponte in Goiânia-GO by civil police officers stationed at the State Capture Police Station (DECAP) in support and sharing of information from GOI.

According to a statement from the Goiânia police, the prisoner is being held in the prison unit of the State Police for Captures (DECAP) and is awaiting transfer to the Triage Center of the Aparecida de Goiânia Prison Complex to then be available to the Judiciary.

Pericles was indicted for committing the crime of embezzlement, article 171 of the Penal Code.

Same region as LJ Trader

It is not known whether Pericles is also involved in the case of LJ Trader, an alleged fraudulent scheme applied in the city of Floriano, in Piauí. The business collapsed at the beginning of last year and left several investors at a loss.

The company’s partners, Leonel Barbosa da Silva Júnior and Jonathas Micael Maximo da Costa, even admitted that they had to hide to escape threats. At the time, the 2nd Police District of the city of Floriano confirmed to the report that dozens of people sought out the unit to file complaints against traders.

An investor who asked not to be identified said that the business led by Leonel and Jonathas offered 19% monthly income, which would come from investments on the Stock Exchange.