Monday, June 5

Police detain a father for raping his underage daughter repeatedly and with the use of force

The National Police have arrested a 45-year-old man for allegedly having raped his minor daughter repeatedly and often using force.

The family of the minor raped by six young people leaves Badalona due to death threats


In a press release, the Higher Police Headquarters explained that agents from the Family and Women Unit learned through a foundation to help children and adolescents that a girl could allegedly have been raped by her father and that supposedly it had occurred on several occasions.

The agents immediately launched an investigation and found out that the minor had allegedly been raped on a recurring basis, one a week, since last year at the family home by her father.

In addition, on some occasions the man would have used force and threatened the girl so that she would not tell. In fact, the victim did not tell her mother anything, that she did not know what was happening between her daughter and her father, although she began to have suspicions.

With all the data, the agents began the protocol for this type of action, requesting the intervention of the medical services and the forensic doctor, as well as other child protection services of the regional administration.

Last Friday, UFAM agents arrested the father as the alleged perpetrator of sexual assault against his minor daughter, under 14 years of age.

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