Thursday, December 1

Police evict 40 Scottish ‘hooligans’ from an AVE in Albacete

The National Police has evicted in Albacete a group of 40 Scottish ‘hooligans’ from an AVE that circulated between Alicante and Madrid, after showing uncivil behavior both with Renfe workers and with other passengers.

As reported to Europa Press by company sources, the affected train was the one at 2:45 p.m. leaving Alicante, which was delayed for 52 minutes, although passengers will be entitled to full compensation for delay.

On Wednesday, a Champions League match will be played in Madrid in which Real Madrid, current leader of the group, will face Celtic Glasgow, who have already been eliminated from the competition after not having won, at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium. no match in the group stage.

The supporters of this Scottish football team would have insulted the hard-working Renfe staff and the rest of the train passengers, who have requested the change of car to avoid the unpleasant behavior shown by these ‘hoolingans’.

In fact, it has been the inspector who has notified the Police to intervene at the Albacete stop, where the agents have finally evicted the group. In addition, Renfe staff prohibited the sale of alcohol on board the train, given the situation.

Renfe’s commitment to punctuality marks that the entire cost of the ticket will be refunded if the delay is greater than 30 minutes, as it will be in this case, for which reason the public company will initially assume compensation for all passengers.

However, recently, a court ruling has forced 11 men to pay the compensation that Renfe had to pay in July 2018 to passengers on an AVE between Madrid and Malaga, and which amounted to 7,676 euros.

These individuals were celebrating a bachelor party and also showed bad behavior on board the train, which caused a 23-minute delay by refusing to leave the train at the request of Renfe workers.

In fact, Renfe will also file a complaint against this group of ‘hooligans’, which will allow the same process to be repeated and for them to assume the payment of this compensation to the rest of the passengers, provided that there is a judicial resolution in favor .