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Politician promises “Axie Infinity scholarship” and is elected governor in Venezuela

A politician running for governor promised that if elected he would hand out scholarships for Axie Infinity, one of the biggest cryptocurrency games.

Last Sunday (21), the Venezuelan population took to the streets to vote in regional elections, where Governors, Mayors, legislators and councilors competed.

One of those who ran was Jose Alejandro Teran, who is from the base of Nicolás Maduro, the current president of the country. It is worth remembering that the situation of Venezuelans is complicated by this administration, as the local economy depended on oil to survive.

However, with the drop in oil, the crisis in Venezuela led the local government to print money to contain the effects, creating high inflation. With the local currency not having good purchasing power, many turned to the Dollar and Bitcoin to survive.

In recent months, with the growth of games with cryptocurrencies, whose main figure is Axie Infinity, the Venezuelan population is trying to keep up with these resources.

Politician elected governor after promising Axie Infinity scholarship

In Axie Infinity’s game mechanics, an account holder can rent that account to other people, a process that became known as “school”.

These little schools allow a player who does not have the resources to create an account to play on the rented account, sharing the profits with the account owner, under conditions agreed between both parties.

Thus, a Venezuelan politician drew attention on the eve of the election for governor, a candidate for the state of La Guaira. According to him, his intention was to create a training program for NFTs game players, with support from Sunacrip.

I’m young and I believe in the digital economy, I feel that by helping young people to build multiple sources, we guarantee the economic stability of their families. […] The Axie infinity La Guaira scholarship program is the first of many training programs under the La Guaira Digital program. I’m going to become the first digital governor of all of Venezuela, we’ll go a step further by training technicians in network installation and repair and cryptocurrency mining, Trading courses and much more, to make our dream come true.”

After his announcement, he created a form to apply for interested parties on his official website, with some questions to subscribers about how the game works, a kind of interview to win an Axie Infinity scholarship.

Politician creates a registration form on his website so that those interested in having Axie Infinity’s school can register / Reproduction

Governor wants to create state cryptoeconomy company

Last Sunday (21), Teran was elected, with the promise to create 1,000 digital job openings in his state during his first year in office. Of these, 300 vacancies must be created within the first 100 days of government.

However, its intention is to count on the support of Sunacrip to create a State Cryptoeconomics Company, which is still unclear what its attributions would be. Anyway, he promises to empower the population of the state in cryptocurrencies.

Venezuela is now one of the countries where the use of cryptocurrencies is most common, with the local government even having a stockbroker and Bitcoin mining operation of its own. Binance recently participated in an event with Sunacrip on mining, showing that the government is open to talking to companies in the sector.

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