Monday, August 2

Poor contagion, rich contagion

It was never true that phrase so repeated, even if it was well-intentioned, that “the coronavirus does not understand social classes.” Yes you understand, yes.

The first wave of the pandemic, the most brutal, was primed in Spain with precarious people who lived in small houses and worked without the option of teleworking in poorly ventilated, poorly protected or crowded places. Caregivers and household employees, temporary, workers of meat plants, workers in general who also used public transport or immigrants who had no way to isolate themselves from the family if someone tested positive.

The profile of the infected person has changed a lot since then. Now the main vector of contagion is not work but leisure.

If a year ago the virus especially punished the most humble neighborhoods in the big capitals, today we tell you that in Madrid or Barcelona now they are the most affluent neighborhoods those with the highest rates of infection. Reason? There are more young people with the ability to go on vacation, spend more frequently at nightlife venues and have their summer parties at home.

More graphics and details.

  • We ask ourselves questions. They say that journalists are here to give answers, but I love it when we share with the people who read us the doubts we have. This question posed by Sergio Ferrer is disturbing: How many deaths from COVID-19 will be acceptable after the pandemic? That is, if this virus does not disappear completely, we will have to get used to the fact that, as with other diseases, it is simply there and can kill. After all we have suffered and fought, would we accept that new normal? Read.

50,000 phones hacked by governments

Today our fellow Guardian and 16 other newspapers around the world publish a great story (in English) on the abuse by governments around the world of Israeli software used to spy on mobile phones: read their messages, see their photos, activate the microphone. Call it spying, call it hacking.

You will have the main contents of this research published in Spanish on the front page of during the day.

We are talking about more than 50,000 hacked mobile phones around the world. Mexico and our good friend Morocco are the countries that have used Pegasus the most to intercept the communications of opposition politicians, dissidents or journalists. There are examples that set off all the alarms: the cell phone of Cecilio Pineda Birto, a murdered Mexican journalist, is on the list; the telephone number of the director of the Financial Times, too; on the list of Viktor Orbán’s Hungary there are politicians and lawyers. Pegasus, or so the Israeli company that markets it says, is supposed to be designed only to spy on terrorists.

  • In Spain, this same program was used to spy on pro-independence leaders. In this report, we tell more about Pegasus, who is also an old acquaintance, unfortunately, of activists in Latin America.

Valley of the Fallen, take 2

Tomorrow the Council of Ministers approves the new Democratic Memory Law, that is, of historical memory. Have some details to advance you: the Valley of the Fallen will become a place for democratic pedagogy instead of a temple for the veneration of dictators. Public funds will be withdrawn from the Valley of the Fallen Foundation, which managed it, with which the friars who handle it have the hours counted in the enclosure.

  • Apology. The judicial power and experts in freedom of expression ugly that in the first draft of the draft it was established that the apology of the Franco regime was sufficient for the extinction of a foundation. In everyone’s mind, of course, the Franco Foundation. In the text that is approved tomorrow, a requirement is included for the outlawing: that there be humiliation to the victims. We’ll mess with it to the left and right.

Do not pass

  • Albert Rivera and the PP. Albert Rivera is on the way to fulfill a prophecy that at first only seemed like ammunition to attack him but that little by little he is taking care of making real. The same ends in the PP. Casado prepares the ground for Rivera to participate in his fall congress while Rivera has not gone to the Citizens.
  • The war of the day continues. If you are a mother or father and you live in a community that has changed school hours during the pandemic to work continuously, you may have experienced moments of tension in the AMPA or in WhatsApp groups, now that it seems to be beginning to reverse. This is how things are.
  • Onlyfans. Don’t know what Onlyfans is? It is an online platform that allows people with many fans to share exclusive content in exchange for money. And what is the main business? The porn, as always. The company enters more than ever but offers a faulty service.

Things i didn’t know

  • He did not know that there are several theories about why our hands and feet wrinkle when we have been in the water for a while. One says that we get swollen because the skin is ready to hydrate as much as it can all the time. Another says that they do not swell but contract by order of the nervous system to improve the grip of wet hands, in case we have to grab something or try to get out of the water. More in Damn Y the BBC.
  • He did not know that mosquitoes, when they bite us, first inject a small dose of anesthesia into our skin so that we do not notice that they are there. Ticks can do the same for days even if we don’t see them. In the cocktail there is also an anticoagulant to facilitate the suction of blood, whose proteins the female mosquito (which is actually the only one that bites) needs for its ovulation process. More summer bites.
  • He did not know that there is an undeciphered but standardized language, Minoan or eteocrete, used in Crete almost 2,000 years before Christ, and that was written with an alphabet that we now call Linear A. Some individual words have been deduced, such as ‘po-to-ku-ro’, which means “Total”, or ‘ki-ro’, which means “deficit”.

Give him Monday that I can start thinking about Tuesday. Here I wait for you.

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