Sunday, March 26

Pope Francis visits the Russian embassy to the Vatican and calls for an end to the war in Ukraine

Francis remains determined to stop the Russian invasion of Ukraine. As reported exclusively the correspondent of Digital Religion and Télam in the Vatican, Hernán Reyes, Pope Francis visited this morning the embassy of the Russian Federation to the Holy See, located on Via della Conciliazione, a few meters from San Pedro.

Bergoglio met for half an hour with Ambassador Alexander Avdeev, expressing his “concern about the war” in Ukraine. According to some experts, the Pope would have tried to open a mediation in the conflict between Russia and several other countries for the invasion of Ukraine. Now some speculate that the Pope will soon visit the Ukrainian ambassador to the Holy See.

In the last hours, different religious leaders have been in contact to try to stop the war. All of them, including the Patriarch of Moscow, Kirill, agree on the need to stop the escalation of the war. Pope Francis has called a Day of Fasting and Prayer to ask for an end to the Russian attacks in Ukraine this Wednesday, coinciding with Ash Wednesday, which symbolizes the beginning of the Lenten season for Catholics.