Friday, September 30

Popular Russian singer Alla Pugacheva criticizes the Russian invasion of Ukraine

Legendary Russian singer Alla Pugacheva has criticized Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and called for her to be declared a “foreign agent” in solidarity with her husband, comedian Maxim Gálkin, who has also been labeled as such. Her words have generated a scandal in official and musical circles.

“I ask to be declared a foreign agent of my beloved country because I stand in solidarity with my husband, an honest, frank and sincere man, a true and incorruptible patriot of Russia,” Pugacheva wrote on Instagram.

The Russian government has applied the label of “foreign agent” to several media outlets, groups and individuals openly critical of the Kremlin’s policies.

According to the artist, called “primma donna” in this country, her husband only wishes the good for Russia. “She wishes well-being, freedom of expression, a peaceful life and an end to the deaths of our children for illusory purposes,” she asserted.

According to Pugacheva, these goals, which the authorities have set for themselves with the start of the offensive in Ukraine, turn Russia into a “pariah” and complicate the lives of citizens.

Gálkin, declared a “foreign agent” last Friday, has been in Israel since the beginning of the invasion. Pugacheva left at first with her husband, but then she returned to Russia, where her two young children are studying.

While her husband, once one of the kings of the comedy genre on Russian television, is traveling the world doing monologues, many of them critical of Moscow’s actions.

Stir in Russia

The singer’s words have generated such a stir that even the interpreter Yulia Visótskaya, who “liked” Pugacheva’s entry on Instagram, has been criticized.

Russian Duma Vice President Pyotr Tolstoy said on Telegram: “I am sorry that Pugacheva, the country’s once most popular singer, has lost so much touch with reality and stands in solidarity with someone who wants Russia’s defeat today.”

“And who is Alla Pugacheva? She was a singer, but now she is nobody”, music critic Sergei Sosedov has said. The actress Maria Shukshina has opined that Pugacheva makes her statements aware of “her impunity for her.”

The journalist and opponent Ksenia Sobchak has recalled, in turn, that Pugacheva did not hesitate to offer a concert in 1986 before the liquidators of the Chernobyl catastrophe, when the area was not visited by any other celebrity.

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