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Popular streamer Ibai will broadcast the Copa América via Twitch | Digital Trends Spanish

The popular Spanish streamer Ibai Llanos has achieved what so far seems to be unprecedented: he has obtained the rights to the Copa América 2021 and will broadcast it to all of Spain through his Twitch channel.

For this, Ibai Llanos has partnered with Kosmos, the company owned by FC Barcelona footballer Gerard Piqué. “For the first time in Spain, a major sporting event will be broadcast through Twitch, for the entire national territory”, indicates the official statement.

The transmissions will begin this Friday, June 18 with the match between Uruguay and Argentina, which have very popular footballers in Spain, such as Leo Messi and Luis Suárez. “Through this partnership, Ibai and Kosmos reinforce the digital approach as a new way of consuming the most traditional sports”, according to Kosmos.

We are going to give the WHOLE Copa América with IMAGE and totally free for all of Spain on my Twitch channel.

We started this morning at 2:00 with Argentina-Uruguay


& mdash; Ibai (@IbaiLlanos) June 18, 2021

An interesting fact is that in Spain, the Copa América is not being televised on traditional television channels. The tournament can only be followed in Galicia, since the regional network TVG bought the rights to the tournament and will broadcast the matches from the quarterfinals onwards. The rest of the country will have no way of watching the matches -by legal means- if it is not through the Ibai Llanos Twitch channel.

This also reinforces what the image of Ibai means, not only in Spain but in the Spanish-speaking world, in relation to new ways of communicating and reaching audiences. World sports figures such as Piqué himself or Juventus footballer Paulo Dybala have passed through the Ibai Llanos channel and they seem to feel more comfortable on this type of platform than in traditional media.

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