Tuesday, July 5

Pornhub adds new lawsuit for abuse videos | Digital Trends Spanish

The pornographic portal Pornhub has been sued in the United States by 34 women who allege that the site hosted videos (and made profits) showing various sexual activities without consent.

The lawsuit was filed by Brown Rudnick LLP on behalf of the 34 victims. And Pornhub is accused of functioning as “an old-school red-light district in which the corresponding rules have never been applied,” according to statements collected by CNN.

The plaintiffs claim that PornHub has made a profit using unauthorized pornographic material of the victims. And they believe that the time has come for companies like MindGeek (the company that owns PornHub and many other sites of the same style) to take responsibility for what they consider to be illegal acts.

The lawsuit also accuses MindGeek of operating as a “classic criminal enterprise” whose business structure has been created to “monetize non-consensual sexual activities.”

However, Pornhub defends itself by saying that all allegations are investigated and reviewed, including those mentioned in the current lawsuit. And they add that the fact that MindGeek operates as a criminal organization “is completely absurd and categorically false.”

It is not the first problem the site has faced in recent times. In December of last year, a restructuring and changes were announced regarding the users who could upload videos to the platform, to avoid these types of problems that had already occurred previously.

Likewise, a few months ago they published their first transparency report, after having eliminated more than 650,000 videos that did not comply with the site’s use policies.

The latest lawsuit, meanwhile, could potentially hit the website harder, though it all depends on how the case plays out in court (if it does get there).

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