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Porsche and Pixar recreate Sally Carrera for two good causes | Digital Trends Spanish

cars It was the first Pixar production released after being acquired by Disney, as well as one of its biggest hits. All of the cars featured in the animated film were based on real models, and in most cases Pixar used their features and stories to distinguish their personalities in the film. One of the most remembered is Sally Carrera, a blue Porsche 911 Carrera from 2002 who becomes the romantic interest of Lightning McQueen, the protagonist of the story.

Sixteen years later, Porsche and Pixar team up to turn the beloved cartoon character into a real car, the sale of which will benefit two important causes. In fact, the new 911 Sally Carrera will be auctioned off and the proceeds from the sale will be donated to the nonprofit Girls Inc., which provides help, mentoring and education to young women in the United States, and the US for UNHCR (USA, for UNHCR), the US arm of the UN agency to help refugees (today it facilitates the relocation of the thousands of people displaced by the Russian invasion in Ukraine).

Porsche and Pixar presented the project at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas, accompanied by a life-size model of Sally Carrera previously modified by Pixar to resemble the character in the film. The car had its wheelbase shortened and its roof raised to keep the proportions similar to those of the animated character. Plus, she wears the same blue color as Sally, as well as a bumper with the character’s smile on it, and of course, she has two huge green eyes on the windshield. However, this is not the final product of the project.

Porsche says the new Sally Carrera will meet all regulations for driving on public roads, which can be a real challenge, especially when it comes to all-important forward visibility. The final result will be auctioned off to celebrate Sally’s 20th birthday.

The winner of the auction will also win a unique watch designed for the occasion by Porsche Design. Other details such as when and where the auction will take place, which will be conducted by the automotive experts at prestigious auction house RM Sotheby’s, will be released later by Porsche and Pixar.

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