Monday, December 6

Portugal prohibits bosses from sending messages to their employees when the work day ends

The Parliament of Portugal has passed new laws that will apply to all workers and not just those who are teleworking. The idea is unique: except in cases of ‘force majeure’, companies will not be able to contact their workers when their working hours end.

The measure aims offer a better work-life balance of work and personal life. The violation of the same will be considered a serious misdemeanor, and only in cases of extreme urgency will it be possible to make this contact with the workers.

Companies will not be able to monitor teleworkers either

In that text other reforms were suggested that were not approved, such as that the worker had the right outside his working hours to “turn off all communication systems of the service with the employer“or” not attending to the requests “of those bosses.

The companies they will also have that pay part of the expenses of teleworkers, such as electricity and internet connection bills, although not all companies will be affected by the measures: it will not apply in companies with fewer than 10 employees.

The working group in charge of presenting the proposal also indicated that the companies they will not be able to monitor their employees while they telework, and face-to-face meetings were also planned at least every two months to maintain some physical contact between the companies and their workers.

Portugal thus becomes the first European country in modify the legislation on teleworking – even though it actually affects all Portuguese workers – as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Via | Business Journal

Image | Christin Hume

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