Friday, February 23

Possible pyramid Bitcoin Brasil promised 60% monthly profits

A possible financial pyramid operating in Brazil in 2021, called Bitcoin Brasil, has suspended payments to customers in recent days.

In conversation with the Livecoins, one of the investors of the scheme revealed that the income delays started 10 days ago, when business leaders disappeared and did not respond to messages sent by customers.

Desperate, many are seeking help with the Civil Police of Rio Grande do Sul. In this state, two big scams involving the image of Bitcoin have exploded in recent years, which were Unick Forex and Indeal, both companies targeted by the federal police in operations.

Possible pyramid Bitcoin Brasil promised 60% monthly profits, leaders disappeared

One of the investors of the company Bitcoin Brasil spoke with the Livecoins this Wednesday (29), showing fear about the possible end of a business that promised large profits in its funding.

According to this person, the company was making victims throughout Brazil with the image of Bitcoin, promising 60% profits in investment packages. For funding, the leaders stated that there was a limit of contributions that could be made by CPF.

Funds were raised via PIX or Bitcoin, payment methods that were also used for withdrawals by customers. The investor harmed by the possible scheme claims that the company lasted 8 months on the market, but its first investment was in October 2021.

In November, the amount was paid correctly, with an amount of R$ 300.00 becoming R$ 480.00 in just 30 days. After the withdrawal, the investor says he saw confidence in the business, which already counted on contributions from acquaintances, who were responsible for the nomination.

In December, problems began at the company, with Bitcoin Brasil claiming it was the victim of a hacker attack.

“I received it in the first month which was November, so I increased the investment and in December the company stopped paying us, they informed us that the site had been hacked and that’s why they were delaying payments. Anyway, it’s been approximately 10 days since they disappeared and they no longer receive messages via WhatsApp, the site also went down.”

The client, who prefers not to identify himself for reasons of personal safety, has even registered a police report with the Civil Police of Rio Grande do Sul.

Complaint of embezzlement has already been filed with the Civil Police of Rio Grande do Sul / Photo sent by client

The company’s leader promised 29% for referrals from new investors, but later changed his speech saying he would only pay the initial investment

Bitcoin Brasil’s promises of earnings were related to digital currency mining and arbitrage between brokers, with these plans being 60% income per month.

But a second investment plan offered was that of up to 29% for the indication of new customers in the business, a promise made by the business leader in his business presentation, which explained in a totally muddled way the operation of the Bitcoin network.

In conversation with clients when the withdrawal problems started, he ended up changing the discourse and saying that he would only pay the initial investment, which he called “root”.

Bitcoin Brazil leader changed his speech after company problems and suspended payment of earnings
Bitcoin Brazil leader changed his speech after company problems and suspended payment of income / Reproduction

Customers now ask PC-RS for help in investigating the possible crime of embezzlement committed in the state. THE Livecoins he was unable to talk with PC-RS to find out if there are already investigations into the case in progress and any updates will be placed on the matter.

In addition, sought on their phones, the leaders of “Brasil Bitcoin” did not answer the calls and the space remains open for clarification.