Thursday, February 2

Post-pandemic advertising: 4 demands that companies cannot ignore

Today it is the consumer who defines advertising. And taking that into account, for commercial communication to be successful, these are the points that companies must take into account in 2022:

Fight misleading advertising: The brand has the obligation to be truthful with the public and avoid exaggerations that may confuse the scope or result of a product; claims of unfounded superiority over another brand; denigrate the competition, or cover up the commercial nature of the message. The advertiser must present in a clear and understandable way the information that is relevant to the consumer.

Respect people and their diversity: Visual and/or auditory representations based on negative stereotypes must be eradicated in advertising, avoiding any form of discrimination for whatever reason and paying particular attention to the possible impact of the message on minors.

Preserve privacy and transparency in the digital sphere: On the one hand, companies must adopt all measures to ensure the proper treatment and protection of the personal data provided by their consumers, with respect for privacy being a priority. On the other hand, it is essential that when working together with influencers, the commercial nature of the publication is clearly identified.

Protect the environment: In advertising there are also precautions to take into account when making environmental claims. In tune with the increased public attention on ecological impacts, it is suggested to make good use of environmental appeals in commercial communication, containing clear, truthful and pertinent arguments, to facilitate reasoned decision-making by consumers with relation to this topic.

Although the statistics show that the balance is positive and that advertising self-regulation works, marketing and advertising professionals have a challenge ahead of them: ensure that their communications adequately adjust to the complexities of the current context, safeguarding the trust of the public. consumer and society, the reputation of the advertising brand, and the credibility of the advertising industry.

President of CONARP.