Wednesday, May 18

Power Rangers will celebrate its 30 years with an emblematic return | Digital Trends Spanish

power Rangers is getting ready to celebrate 30 years of history. The popular American series of the tokusatsu genre, which appeared on the screen in 1993, will have a special season next year to commemorate its three decades of existence.

For now, no further details are known about this special installment, since the Hasbro company – which has distributed the franchise since 2019 – has not disclosed its plans after Power Rangers: Dino Furywhich began in 2021. Either way, it was revealed that the 30th anniversary will feature the return of one of the series’ most memorable actors.

According to The Illuminerdithe actor David Yost will return to participate in at least one episode of the program that will be released in 2023. Thus, everything indicates that the mythical Blue Ranger of the original series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers will return to the screen. It should be remembered that Billy Cranston is the second Ranger who was in the team the longest; he was second only to Tommy Oliver.

According to the report, the commemorative season will mark the end of the cycle that began in 1993 and will give rise to the beginning of a new phase. “After this, Hasbro will probably shift focus to the Power Rangers reboot project with Jonathan Entwistle. Season 30 will also include the return of other Rangers throughout the season and not just for a single episode,” the article noted.

Power Rangers, as a franchise, it has released four films and has released 941 episodes on the screen, until December 18, 2021.