Monday, August 15

PP and Vox agree on a new subsidy of more than 20 million euros to Televisión Castilla y León

The opposition charges the Junta de Castilla y León for the management of private television (owned by businessman Antonio Miguel Méndez Pozo and the family of José Luis Ulibarri, who was sentenced in Gürtel) TVCyL, which year after year receives million-dollar subsidies from public money and that in recent months has laid off several workers from information services and other programming.

The meeting of the Commission for the Evaluation and Monitoring of Digital Terrestrial Television, which serves to set the annual subsidy for Television Castilla y León, has ended without consensus. PP and Vox have decided to finance private television with a new subsidy of 20.23 million euros – the amount of last year plus the CPI.

The National Court qualified this type of subsidy in 2018 (in a final judgment) as a contract for the provision of services subject to VAT- to private television that exploits its DTT license. The “direct subsidy” formula prevents the decision from going through budgetary control or the Intervention of the Administration.

The PSOE abstains from the proposal to increase the subsidy “in a context of social and economic crisis that is very difficult for people,” as reported in a press release. The Socialists justify their abstention by “guaranteeing workers’ salaries.”

The Mixed Group and the UPL-Sora ¡YA! group have also abstained. Citizens have justified their vote to “unlock the problem of workers who have seen their salary in danger for months.”

The general secretary of the Socialist Parliamentary Group of the Cortes, Ángel Hernández, has accused Mañueco PSOE of breaking “the Community agreement” on Televisión Castilla y León. “It has been Mañueco who has broken, also here, the Community agreement on RTVCYL”, has asserted the socialist representative. Hernández recalled that there was a commitment “by consensus” to spend extra money to improve working conditions. “Not only has it not been fulfilled, but workers have also been fired,” Hernández reproached.

The PSOE has requested data on the working conditions of the workers, the salaries and contracts of the directors; while Ciudadanos has demanded independent criteria for the election of the director of the media outlet and the head of news. The representatives of both formations have requested explanations about the dismissal of the former news chief of the chain, Raúl Briongos, which has been justified as a personal decision.

The Citizens Attorney, Francisco Igea, has proposed to modify the financing system. “Its renewal every 6 months has proven to be an effective source of pressure for management and professionals,” he said. For this reason, he has proposed that financing be separated from the electoral cycle and that objective criteria and long terms be established “to avoid pressure.” “We will only vote in favor in future meetings if the start of a path towards the conversion of this model is ensured,” he defended.

“The deterioration of the model and the breakdown of consensus since the arrival of Mañueco makes the project unfeasible, whose contract is about to expire,” warned the socialist.

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