Monday, January 17

PP and Vox knock down a bill to protect whistleblowers of corruption in the Community of Madrid

The Popular Party and Vox have knocked down this Thursday in the Plenary of the Madrid Assembly a proposal of law of More Madrid that, among other issues, contemplated the protection of whistleblowers of corruption. The norm, defended by the regional deputy Alberto Oliver, had to pass the first parliamentary procedure with the consideration of the same, but the votes against the PP and the abstention of the extreme right formation have prevented it.

The proposed law proposes the creation of a Madrid Agency against Fraud and Corruption, which in turn implies the establishment of a protection regime for people who file complaints regarding facts that could constitute fraud, corruption, conflict of interest. or any other illegal activity, and the regulation of the sanctioning regime regarding the actions or omissions typified in the law.

The deputy of Más Madrid Alberto Oliver has been in charge of defending the legislative proposal, who began his speech by recalling that this Thursday is the world day against fraud and corruption. Oliver has pointed out that the law is “important” because it processes “compliance with a legal obligation”, but also “a moral obligation for all those often anonymous people who preserve our system, and that if they do not report today it is because of the perverse system that punishes those who are brave. ”

“If the money that has been lost in Spain due to corruption were distributed, each person would have more than € 1,900 (data from a report presented in the European Parliament by the Green Group). We are the 4th country that loses the most money of the Union for this reason, 90,000 million until 2019, which represents 5.6 times more than the resources that were allocated as a COVID Fund during last year. Only with the tax amnesty more than 38,000 euros were swindled “, recalled the MP for Más Madrid.

Oliver has assured that corruption does not understand parties, although he has listed the main causes of corruption that affect PP –Gürtel and Púnica– and the PSOE –the ERE of Andalusia. The regional deputy has appealed to both PP and Vox to change their sense of vote, but without success: “I hope ladies and gentlemen that today with your vote you have the necessary height of view to forget where the proposal comes from and assume this as yours proposal, “he assured.

Finally, Oliver thanked the presence in the Vallecas Chamber of the people who have made possible “an Agency in Valencia, Andalusia, Castilla y León, Navarra and Catalonia”. “And that you do not give up in your efforts to achieve a fairer society, a better society,” he added. “Today is More Madrid who brings this proposal, but you are the soul of it. Thank you Ana, thank you Lara, Thank you Rosa, Thank you, thank you, thank you …”, concluded Oliver. Present in the hemicycle was, among others, Ana Garrido, a complainant of corruption.

Vox: “Spain does not provide legal protection to whistleblowers”

“Spain does not provide legal protection to whistleblowers of corruption,” PP deputy Ana Cuartero has begun her speech, but the far-right party has abstained from taking the rule into consideration. “Vox considers it essential to develop a law at the state level that allows these whistleblowers the necessary protection,” he added below and defended that his party has already registered it in the Congress of Deputies, while recalling the Calvary of Ana Garrido.

“From our parliamentary group we will not oppose its processing, taking into account the failure to comply with the deadlines of the state authority, we will not hinder the autonomous communities that make up for this lack as long as the state law is processed as we consider it essential that the whistleblowers of corruption feel the protection “, has assured Cuartero to defend his abstention. “It is therefore in the hands of the PP whether or not to allow the creation of these agencies, they have no objection to creating these regional agencies, we will see how far their commitment against corruption goes,” concluded Cuartero, passing the ball to the PP who has voted against .

The PP deputy, Ignacio Catalá, has defended the vote against his party assuring that Más Madrid has made this Thursday a “huge general cause against corruption” of the PP and that Oliver has made “veiled accusations” against his party . “It is the most inconsistent, sloppy, and illegal, even unconstitutional law that I have seen in my administrative career,” said Catalá. And he added: “Their lack of legal knowledge is so obvious that it is only from there that it is explained that they have had so little shame in presenting this text.”

The deputy of United We Can Tito Morano has recalled that even in the Government of Cristina Cifuentes they already included measures in this area against corruption such as duplication of positions, which have disappeared in the electoral program of this new Executive. Morano has urged the PP to support this law because they could later modify it with amendments, but finally they have positioned themselves against it.

Likewise, the PSOE parliamentarian Diego Cruz has opted to establish a “solid system of public ethics” and has indicated that it would be “irresponsible” not to process these regulations and “a democratic fraud”. In his opinion, it is necessary that it be approved and then brought to a debate to seek “integrity and public ethics”, instead of taking a position against as the PP does, something that has not surprised him, nor the “cowardly abstention of Vox “.

The votes against the PP and the abstention of Vox therefore cause the taking into consideration of the norm that has had the support of the PSOE and United We can decline, but also of several complainants of corruption.