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PP and Vox place Félix Bolaños on the target

It has been a long time since the fair play disappeared from politics and, specifically, the 100 days of courtesy that was given to ministers when they assumed a portfolio. The latest remodeling of the Pedro Sánchez government has not been an exception. Less than two months after promising his position as head of the Presidency, Relations with the Courts and Democratic Memory, PP and Vox have placed Félix Bolaños on the target. At its premiere in Congress, the right wing has already asked him to resign, showing signs that they will not give him a minute of respite.

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Pablo Casado had already targeted the new strong man of the Government after some statements in which Bolaños rejected the legal change that the PP is now proposing so that the judges elect their governing body. The Socialists are committed to maintaining the system that has been in force for the last three decades whereby the Cortes – with the consensus of the two major parties – are the ones that choose the members of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ), some of whom they are previously indicated within the judicial career itself. The words of Bolaños brought about a week ago the first request for resignation by the PP, coinciding with the increase in pressure from the Government for the renewal of the Judicial Power, which has been in office for almost three years.

The issue came up again at Bolaños’ appearance in Congress this Thursday. The person in charge of negotiating with the general secretary of the PP, Teodoro García Egea, again demanded that the conservatives “comply with the Constitution” – which establishes that the CGPJ must be renewed every five years. “They are not aware of the damage they are doing to the judiciary, to democratic institutions and even to the credibility of their group as an alternative that pretends to be a government. Failure to comply with a law because they do not like it is serious,” he reproached the bench. popular. The spokeswoman, Cuca Gamarra, replied that the Socialists want the renewal to be a “swallow it up” for their party, despite the fact that on one occasion the agreement was closed and on another, ready. At the end of the session, Gamarra chatted with the minister for a few minutes.

But the PP did not want to be left behind in its competition with Vox and added one more reason to demand the resignation of Bolaños: the foreseeable setback from the Constitutional Court to the second state of alarm declared by the Executive, as published by ABC. Gamarra also accused the Government of having put pressure on the court of guarantees in the sentence that declared the decree that allowed confinement in the worst moments of the pandemic unconstitutional. Bolaños denied any type of interference, although the then vice president, Carmen Calvo, did address the matter with magistrates.

Bolaños had also previously put a band-aid on that issue when claiming the government’s action. “I am a jurist, not only by profession but by vocation.” This crisis has demonstrated the value of the Law, that the Law can also save lives and also prevent thousands of hospitalizations and keep businesses, companies and families afloat. The institutional learning of these months will help us to improve the performance of the State in future crises because, at that moment, at this moment, both the Government and the Parliament worked without precedent, “he said in anticipation of the criticisms of Vox, whose appeal provoked that sentence.

The spokeswoman for the extreme right, Macarena Olona, ​​has not hesitated to take her chest out of that flag and poke Bolaños, whom she has defined as Moncloa’s “major plumber” – a term that has been copied by her PP counterpart when accusing him of being the “Plumber of that botched illegality” in reference to the decree of the state of alarm. “His name will remain engraved in the history of Spain so that future generations and present Spaniards judge him as the legal pen that wrote some of the most obscene attacks on our rule of law and our democracy,” Olona told him, that he has put to his credit the “plan for the exhumation of General Francisco Franco.” Later the socialist spokesman, Valentín García, has reproached him for describing the dictator that way.

Olona made an account of the trajectory of Bolaños based on the chronicles that have been published about him. “Always in the shadows until he found the opportune moment to stab who had been a trusted person, from behind, Mr. Iván Redondo,” said the far-right deputy about Sánchez’s former chief of staff, who left Moncloa in the remodeling of the Government after trying without success to achieve the position that Bolaños occupies today: “He replaced him in some of his important responsibilities along with others that were under the responsibility of Mrs. Carmen Calvo. Fortunately, it was said that he was a party man without pretense of being a figure. How he managed to fool us all! “.

The spokeswoman for the extreme right has made it clear that Bolaños will be in the trigger at all times. “He is a jurist at the service of the authentic evil that this Government hides, that in order to stay in power they are willing to transgress each and every one of the legal and constitutional lines that are necessary. The only thing that he has to expect from this group Parliament is that from today and every time we have the opportunity we are going to demand his immediate resignation, “Olona warned the minister who minutes before had shown his hand out to all the parties to try to reach agreements.

“I do not like tension or insults, you will never find me in the mud. I hope you are not either,” Bolaños replied. to a crime novel. I thank you for giving me such importance. ” In his reply, the minister has reaffirmed that the state of alarm served to “save lives” and has reproached PP and Vox for their contradictions about the state of alarm.

“They say they were the first to ask for it, they were in favor, they criticized that we did not declare as soon as possible, then they appealed and now they are screaming because that state of alarm that we declared should not have been a state of alarm but an exception. (…) We worked for a state of alarm that would save lives and end the spread of the virus. The state of exception was disproportionate powers that we neither wanted nor needed, “he defended in his response to Olona. “There is no one who follows them. They lack criteria, grounds, political and institutional maturity to have a clear political position,” he told the PP.

“All the project that they have for Spain are early elections, the resignation of the president and some ministers,” Bolaños questioned, just the day the right wing asked again for the departure of Fernando Grande-Marlaska, this time for the management of the false report that a young man made of an alleged homophobic assault. “The one hundred days of courtesy with socialist governments is a genre that is not cultivated. Not one hundred days or one hundred minutes. We are always received in an unkind way,” Bolaños lamented in his reply to the spokesman for United We Can, Roberto Uriarte, but he has been fired with a warning to the right: “We are going to exhaust the legislature.”

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