Thursday, July 29

PP and Vox prevent the protocols that prevented the transfer of the elderly from nursing homes to hospitals in Madrid from being investigated

Vox has again done this Thursday as a squire of the PP during the Plenary of the Assembly of Madrid, as happened a week ago when it favored the approval of the modification of the law to charge the management and take control of the public entity. The formation of the extreme right – again an abstention – together with the negative vote of the PP has prevented the investigation commission of the residences presented by the left groups, which sought to analyze what happened in the socio-sanitary centers of the Community of Madrid during the first wave when more than 8,000 elderly people died after approving protocols that prevented the transfer of elderly and dependents. During the debate in the Madrid Assembly, neither Isabel Díaz Ayuso nor the Minister of Health, Enrique Ruiz Escudero, were present.

PP and Vox amend themselves regarding what they voted during the last legislature when they supported the constitution of the commission. Then they supported its creation but now they argue that it is “a hunt” for President Isabel Díaz Ayuso. The position of the extreme right is even more striking, as More Madrid, PSOE and United We can recalled this Thursday – since at first its spokesperson in the Assembly, Rocío Monasterio, assured that the formation would support the commission.

“We believe that the residency commission is necessary: ​​it would be very irresponsible for us not to analyze, rather than investigate, where we have failed. There are many families who continue to suffer with horror the loss of a loved one in a residence, and we cannot leave without an answer to everything that happened there, “Monasterio said in June. Just a few days later, the far-right leader portrayed herself: “We are not going to support a commission from the left that comes with a revengeful interest,” Monasterio decided after supporting Ayuso’s inauguration the day before.

This Thursday, the deputy of Vox, Mariano Calabuig, recognized during his speech that there was a triage of the elderly that they were not referred to hospitals during the worst of the pandemic. The parliamentarian, however, has defended abstention so that the left does not carry out the measure because it is “revengeful” and does not seek to improve the situation of the centers, he has defended.

The other vote that knocks down the commission is that of the PP. The spokesman for the parliamentary group, Alfonso Serrano, has assured that the commission intends to “ride on pain to achieve political gains.” “Thanks to Vox for not joining this hunt for the left”, Serrano settled his intervention.

Already in the turn of the opposition, the three progressive formations have charged against the folder of the investigation commission that PP and Vox have agreed. The deputy of Más Madrid, Emilio Delgado, has wondered what Ayuso’s training has given to the extreme right to gain their support, something that he has called “shame.” For Delgado, it is a sign of the human fault of the right-wing parliamentarians. “With the decision they are going to make today they simply show that they are bad people.”

“What the government of Díaz Ayuso is doing, by preventing us from talking about how the protocols that prevented the elderly from being referred to hospitals were applied, is one of the most scandalous cases of political negligence,” said the deputy spokeswoman from the PSOE, Irene Lozano, who recalled that the elderly with private insurance were referred to what has been described as “health care apartheid”. Lozano has also charged against Vox for its change of criteria: “It is the cowardly right against the elderly of the residences.”

The deputy of United We Can, Paloma García Villa, has assured that today “the greatest shame” has been perpetrated in the Madrid Assembly and has asked what the Government hides and “fears” to prevent the commission.

The Madrid Assembly will not investigate what happened in the residences in Madrid in the first wave. The PSOE, however, has launched interparliamentary sessions that will continue to ask about what happened in the socio-health centers. The first meeting was attended by the former Minister of Social Policies, Alberto Reyero, who asked the commission to intervene and tell what he experienced in the first person. In an interview in elDiario, es, Reyero already warned that he would find a way to explain what they have not left him now.

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