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PP and Vox struggle to include ETA in the start of the campaign

The terrorism of ETA once again polarizes an electoral campaign when 13 years have passed since the last murder of the disappeared gang in 2018. PP and Vox focus their strategy at the beginning of the race towards 28M on the inclusion in the lists of EH Bildu of 44 convicted of terrorism, seven of them with blood crimes in the 80s and 90s. Both formations have not only condemned the presence of ex-terrorists on the EH Bildu lists, but have also used their inclusion to harshly attack the PSOE .

The Aznar of 1998 rebuts the PP of 2023 on EH Bildu: “Taking possession of a seat is always preferable to taking up arms”


In his first rally of the campaign, the leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has urged the militants to leave the PSOE for “dignity”, while Vox has brought to Congress a proposal that calls for the illegalization of the ‘abertzale’ coalition. In addition, the National Court Prosecutor’s Office is studying a complaint filed by Daniel Portero —victim of terrorism and parliamentarian of the PP in Madrid—, which seeks to analyze the procedural situation of the ex-terrorists who are candidates in the municipalities of Euskadi and Navarra to see if meet the requirements to run for public office.

“We can ask all of Sánchez’s candidates some easy questions. Are you going to shut up this time? Does no one have an iota of dignity left to tell Sánchez: ‘We have come this far, break that pact or we will leave the party’?” Feijóo stated this Friday during his first campaign rally, in Toledo.

Feijóo has said that he is “disgusted that Bildu has murderers on his lists” and that he is “shuddered that the Government says that this deserves respect.” “I am outraged that ‘sanchismo’ shuts up and lowers its ears in the face of this provocation”, he added. “Are we really not going to do anything, that we are not going to say anything, that we are going to look the other way, is this normal after what we have suffered?” He questioned himself.

“I have not seen any candidate pick up the phone and tell him that he is done with excesses and nonsense. I have not seen anyone raise their hand in the Federal Executive Committee of the PSOE and say, ‘I am not going to accept this’, he concluded. In the last few hours, both the PSOE candidate in Castilla-La Mancha, Emiliano García Page, and that of Aragón, Javier Lambán, or the Defense Minister, Margarita Robles, have criticized the presence of exetarras on the lists of EH Bildu and They have asked to break relations with the ‘Abertzale’ coalition.

Ayuso: “There is no more indignity”

The president of the Community of Madrid and candidate for re-election, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has redoubled the bet in her speech of a marked national cut, targeting EH Bildu and the Socialists. “They appear convicted of having killed people and they do so in the municipalities where their victims live. Those are the ones who agree with Sánchez. Where are the white hands? Where is the spirit of Ermua? There is no more indignity ”, she said this Thursday at the rally in which he opened his campaign in the Salamanca neighborhood of Madrid.

The reality is that EH Bildu has voted in favor of some of the Government laws, but also against others, in the same way that other formations have done. For example, the ‘Abertzale’ coalition abstained from the investiture of Sánchez, in 2020, or in other of the most important votes of the legislature, such as those of the state of alarm. And he has voted against other very relevant projects for the Executive such as the gag law or the labor reform.

Beyond what was expressed by some of its leaders, the position of the PSOE is that the lists of EH Bildu “do not [les] they like” and that “they unnecessarily and unfairly reopen the pain of the victims”, while they have rejected “the use of ETA within the political debate and for partisan purposes”, in the words of the spokesperson for the Federal Executive of the PSOE and Minister of Education , Pilar Alegria.

From EH Bildu they have pointed out these days that those who have served their sentence “have all their rights intact”, including politicians, according to the EH Bildu candidate for the Presidency of Navarra, Laura Aznal. “In its day we presented some lists, and these lists went through the Electoral Board, which did not put any trouble,” Aznal said.

Vox calls for the banning of EH Bildu

On the other hand, the far-right party Vox has registered this Friday an initiative in Congress in which it calls for the illegalization of the political formation EH Bildu. Through a resolution proposal, Santiago Abascal’s party wants to force a vote in the plenary session of Congress on the banning of EH Bildu, which -if it goes ahead- could force the Government to start proceedings before the Supreme Court, after deliberation by the Minister council.

In the document you have submitted, Vox cites various articles of the 2002 Party Law and the banning of Batasuna that took place in 2003 to support its proposal. In the same statement of reasons, he accuses José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero – under whose presidency ETA laid down its arms – of promoting “the end of unity against terrorism”. Vox also charges against the Constitutional Court for issuing sentences that, they say, implied “the practical de facto repeal of the Law on Parties” in this sense. Vox speaks of ETA as an active gang, despite having laid down its arms in 2011 and to announce its definitive dissolution in 2018, and says that “EH Bildu is ETA”.

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