Thursday, October 28

PP, political drift on three tracks

It was the great week of the PP. The representations with the flower and cream available to the party took place in different settings and on an itinerant route. The Popular Party convention began on Wednesday in Santiago de Compostela to conclude next Sunday in Valencia, after passing through several capitals. The program has not disappointed: we attended between stupor and hilarity at that PP convention with its main star doing his thing with American decor. What remains in the background is a great concern, because a party that has been the Government of Spain cannot be in this state without the system suffering in some way. Its precedent, the CDS of Adolfo Suárez, disintegrated, but now the heir would be Vox with the same delusions or more than the PP, and even more undemocratic in its pro-Franco bias.

We no longer know if Pablo Casado speaks thinking that no one listens to him or believes in the myth that his voters go to the polls to cast their vote in the eternal baptismal font of religious innocence. He would not say much of what he says if he were aware that he is the president of the party that reaped in 2016 the worst electoral result in the history of the PP. But it persists “encouraged by the polls,” argue many of those who make them that way. And it is not just Married, the Popular Party is in such a manifest degradation that only those who trust in that accumulation of forces that in Spain manage to turn black into white, with exhaustive washing of stains or covers of those that cover everything.

After his long history of nonsense, Pablo Casado sets up a convention to support him and to relaunch his model. And it takes ideologues of the caliber of Girauta, Fidalgo or Vidal-Quadras. From abroad nothing less is brought in than former French President Nicolas Sarkozy. When Casado spoke of taking an example of his management based on shared principles and values, he knew that Sarkozy had been sentenced for corruption and influence peddling to 3 years in jail for 6 months and that a new trial was elucidated the next day in which he also he has been found guilty of irregularly financing his 2012 election campaign and sentenced to one year in prison. Anyone would say that for the president of the PP those are shared principles and values.

Casado has finally managed to get Rajoy and Aznar to attend. He has cited them as examples of good management in economics and the rule of law. They fly at a stroke because the bank rescue that decimated the public coffers, the savage cuts in health, education, science and research or dependence on Rajoy. Its gag law, its labor reform, the political assembly of the state sewers, the Gürtel still banging itself by the courts. Just citing from memory the enormous destruction that the good Mariano really did to the policies of Welfare and the Rule of Law. Sprinkle with presumed what you want, but it is quite evident what happened.

The Aznar thing is point and apart. From the housing bubble to privatizations, from Yak 42 to the Iraq War, after the illegal UN umbrella-free invasion of the country chaired by Saddam Hussein. War of which we still pay the consequences because it was a before and after in the germ of international terrorism. It is unprecedented that José María Aznar, far from being accountable in the Court of The Hague, allows these actions in public that he supposes ingenious.

Aznar smiled when Casado asked the teacher like a student at the end of the course at ESO: “How did you do that economic miracle?” The former Spanish president insulted the Mexican president. Vargas Llosa to Latin American voters and democracy. It has been a slide down the tracks full of slips to end up on the ground, without the affected people even finding out, immersed in their egocentricity and detachment from reality.

With Sarkozy precisely, Casado dared to assure that “the enemies of freedom are ruling Spain.” He raised once again the flag of his demons: “communists, populists and independentistas.” He even assimilated them to the Bataclán terrorists. Between ignorance, lies and bad faith, the PP has managed to put those ideas in similar heads as grotesque ghosts. The PP that governs thanks to the extreme right from which it differs less and less. And without any problem.

But you have to reaffirm reality. Less disgusting to the Democrats when you have a record like that of the Spanish right. Nicolas Sartorius, a learned aristocrat, cultured, communist and reprisal of the Franco regime, explained, speaking of alliances and support, that “in the Transition we made a pact with whoever shot us.” With precisely those. And in fact that contract seems to remain in force. Because those tyrants, ancestors of many of these language politicians, destroyed the ethics of our country for several generations in essential sectors. And there we continue.

Teo García Escudero acted in Congress, where he is the undisputed star of the PP in this modality of political skating. The PP promoted him on his Twitter account as a giver of “reviews” to Vice President Yolanda Díaz. It is worth saying little more, since he is the one who receives them in each session, to the point that T-shirts with the slogan are being marketed: “Mr. Egea, I’m going to give you some information.”

Isabel Díaz Ayuso went to make the Americas, with Spanish media –and only Spanish– as entourage. He plans to appear at the PP convention to finish off Casado, descending from the airspace and from the sky on his touted trip to the US. He has been very low-key, to the point of seeing his finishing touch in the Capitol with the Hispanic caucus reduced to 5 congressmen, of the 38 summoned, and not even all of them participated in person. The meeting thus lasted only 10 minutes. But the photo on the outside was taken. Like one more tourist.

The only thing that has transpired in the American media is that the president of Madrid dared to criticize the Pope: “I am surprised that a Catholic who speaks Spanish speaks of our legacy like this,” referring to evangelization. And for the other slogan that he launched: “indigenismo is the new communism.” Among the few who found out – by The Guardian, who criticized her harshly– some scoffed and others were outraged. So far neither his gaffes nor his serious actions have consequences, Ayuso has some advisers and media promoters who place even their failures as successes. And several million buy the adulterated product.

But the tour had to have other objectives. Those of selling Madrid to investment funds he already mentioned in passing, but there is something else. The trip included a visit to Global Americans, which is “part of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), a group formed by Reagan in 1983 and accused of interfering in countries and elections,” as the technology content analyst explains. Mariano Madrigal in a complete thread with significant details of the activity of the company visited by Ayuso. And there are examples that Madrigal cites.

The current leaders of the PP are not a coincidence but the result of a conscientious deterioration that is increasingly moving away from the modern and democratic right that Spain needs and does not have in any of its three branches at the national level. They walk, of course, on the path of populism with which they fix their gaze while accusing others of being so. In the lies and scandalous phrases that heat up algorithms today. We can see the future in Donald Trump – which was not a coincidence either – who has led the Republican Party into a deep crisis that extends to the United States’ own system. There is evidence that the threat of a coup was real, they say on CNN, and that he has not thrown in the towel.

In Spain, it is not necessary to go to that extreme if there are decisive collaborators in justice and the media basically. And we are going wrong if democracy and the coexistence of decisions made by emotions with false bases and not supported by the truth continue to suffer. The awakening to the reality of that social mass is key as a solution and very difficult to achieve as long as daily intoxications and their own intellectual and ethical laziness persist.

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