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Prepaid International Encrypted Sim Card, secure and borderless communications

Key facts:
  • The Encrypted Sim works in more than 200 countries offering security, anonymity and privacy.

  • Make the purchase of the Sim anonymously, quickly and easily on the Encrypted website.

You’ve traveled? Then you know how difficult it is to stay connected safely without using dangerous public WiFi networks. Now this will not be a problem thanks to the International Encrypted Sim Cards.

Traveling to another country can be quite fun or necessary, but there is something that continues to be a problem for the vast majority of people and that is connectivity and communications in a secure way, without the need to access public WiFi networks in airports or hotels, purchase calling cards or have to buy a new Sim Card. Fortunately, technology is constantly evolving and today we can count on this wonderful and practical tool, the International Encrypted Sim Card.

What is an International Encrypted Sim Card?

A International Encrypted Sim Card It is an ultra-secure sim card with cutting-edge technology based on encryption and cybersecurity. She protects any type of mobile device by making all calls private, data is kept protected and connections are secure. At the same time, it keeps you connected from anywhere in the world without the possibility of being hacked, intervened or located.

Dangers of open Wi-Fi networks

A very common mistake we make in the cybersecurity world is believing that public Wi-Fi networks are safe and reliable. Free is not synonymous with insurance. In fact, in this case it is the opposite since in open WiFi networks the data travels free, making it easier for them to be intercepted or stolen. In addition, cybercriminals use these networks under false names, such as the airport, restaurant or cafe, to steal information, passwords and financial data.

We must understand that these types of networks should be used as a last option and only in case it is extremely necessary to send a message or something simple that does not compromise personal information or passwords. The best option if you plan to travel is to have a International Encrypted Sim Card.

International Encrypted Sim Card, secure communications without borders

Just install the Encrypted Sim Card on your mobile device to start being safe. You will be able to communicate from anywhere in the world without paying more and in a totally secure way.

Calls cannot be intercepted as the Yes Card Encrypted, will make the signal travel to a secure server before reaching the recipient, preventing any third party from intervening. In addition, the geolocation information will be encrypted making it impossible to determine or track the location no matter where you are.

Also, Cards Yes Prepaid Encrypted They have the functionality of generating random numbers for each call, which offers greater anonymity and privacy.

Additionally, this type of Sim Cards has the IMEI / IMSI concealment system. This basically what it does is that the Sim cannot be associated with any mobile phone and no one can find records or personal data.

It is an affordable tool for anyone that will offer connectivity with top-notch security.

Meet the Encrypted Sim Encrypted is an international company specialized in secure communications. Within its catalog of solutions, it has encrypted cell phones, encrypted applications and recently they have launched one of the best Encrypted Sim Cards on the international market, the Yes Encrypted.

The Yes Encrypted works in more than 200 countries around the world offering security, anonymity and privacy. It is compatible with any type of Android, iOS, Windows or BlackBerry device, obtaining all the benefits of cybersecurity. You will not be able to be intervened, located or hacked.

In addition, while you have the Sim in use, the balance never expires, there will be no cut-off date or contracts, so you will be able to take as long as you want to consume the resources of the plan.

You can make the purchase quickly and easily anonymously on the website of Encrypted without the need to provide personal data, thus, your information will be kept confidential.

Encrypted company logo with various phone icons, messages, security and a buy button.

Now you know, start protecting your information with a practical, safe and accessible tool for everyone. Become a ghost on the net with the Yes Encrypted.

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