Tuesday, February 20

Prepaid pay back with the collection of copays

“We made an agreement from the State with the prepaid medicine companies where a number of increases was defined in which, the last one is now in January of 9%”said Vizzotti referring to the 41.14% increase in prepaid fees, with a staggered application in four tranches of 9% each.

“An agreement was signed and the ministerial resolution authorizing this latest increase (of 9% in January) defines that this increase must be transferred to providers,” added the head of the Health portfolio in dialogue with radio Urbana Play.

“What happens is that in this way the agreement and the ministerial resolution are not being fulfilled and, in addition, people are charged the co-payment along with the 9% increase in the prepayment”Vizzotti pointed out.

On Sunday, the Argentine Federation of Health Providers (FAPS) pointed out that, as of January 1, health providers (including hospitals, clinics, sanatoriums, emergency medical services, geriatrics and other establishments in the field) will charge a copayment 9% to patients of prepaid medicine companies.

The providers argue that the prepaid medicine companies warned them that they will not be able to comply with the increase in the value of the benefits, also scheduled for next January, and, for that reason, they will generate a 9% copayment to patients.

From the prepayments, the president and owner of Swiss Medical Group, Claudio Belocopitt, asked yesterday in radio statements to review the increases in agreed with the Government because “all the numbers ran” in the “second semester.”

In that sense, Vizzotti said today that his portfolio and the Superintendency of Health Services (SSS) “are not unaware of the difficulties in financing the health system” and “will propose a table to work in this regard.”