Friday, December 3

President Cortizo confirmed that he will meet this November 5 with the colonists

The President of the Republic, Laurentino Cortizo, during the protocol acts of the Day of
the Symbols of the Nation confirmed that This Friday, November 5, he will meet with the
living forces of the province of Colón to find solutions to the problems that afflict
to that region of the country.

“As I always have, this is an open door president, the times that I have
had to meet and talk with people I do, there is nothing more important than
to be able to converse with people, ”Cortizo said.

The president stated that he received many abandoned projects from administrations
past; Nevertheless, affirmed that progress has been made in certain works as the
City of Health, the Children’s Hospital, the Manuel Amador Guerrero Hospital in Colón.

And about the latter he assured that pBy the end of the year I would have solved the problems related
with its infrastructure.

On the other hand, I talk about three stadiums in Colón and about roads in the same province
on which according to him he is working. “We received with problems more than 1,000
projects, many that were abandoned, others with legal problems, but we have
been solving “, he expressed.

Finally, he highlighted that a consensus must be sought to move forward as a country and not represent a delay for economic growth.