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President of Ukraine: one of the surprises of the Oscar Awards? | Digital Trends Spanish

This Sunday, March 27, the Oscar Awards will have a new ceremony. This is the 94th version of this event, which will be marked by the tense moment that Ukraine is experiencing after the attack by Russian troops.

As has been a tradition, the Academy Awards do not want to remain on the sidelines of the contingency, so one of its cheerleaders, actress Amy Schumer, has proposed that the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, be part of the next ceremony. The comedian confirmed this wish on actress Drew Barrymore’s show.

“Yes, I really have proposed it. He wanted to find some way that Zelensky could appear via satellite or with a pre-recorded speech, because the Oscars have a million-dollar audience around the world. I would have no problem doing something like that, but unfortunately I am not the one who produces the gala, “said Schumer.

According to what the actress explained, her intention is to expose the drama that people who have been affected by the war are going through and that has already left thousands dead and millions displaced.

“I think there is some pressure in the sense that many want the event to be like a vacation where everyone forgets for one night what is happening. But there are so many eyes and ears on the Oscar delivery. I think it’s a great opportunity for certain comments to be made, even jokes that highlight the current scenario.

The organization behind the awards has not ruled out or confirmed the presence of the Ukrainian president, so it could become one of the big surprises of the night.

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