Monday, October 18

Preview of ‘Parallel Mothers’, by Pedro Almodóvar

All of Almodóvar’s films, to a greater or lesser extent, are political. But the La Mancha filmmaker had never entered a terrain like that of historical memory. With Parallel mothersInstead, he plunges squarely into the emotional trenches that still divide Spain, with a skillfully woven tale about a country that wants to mourn its dead, and tries to build a future of reconciliation, impossible without truth, memory, and reparation.

In this exclusive clip we meet Brígida, Janis’s aunt – the main character of Penélope Cruz. She is one of the people who has her loved ones in a common grave, which the character of Janis wants to open to bury her ancestors with dignity. Brígida is the embodiment of pain and dignity, but also of the enormous resilience shown by people who, like her, have opened graves and exhumations throughout the country, to restore memory and break the silence.

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