Sunday, August 7

PRF seizes 25 Bitcoin mining equipment in Rio de Janeiro

The Federal Highway Police (PRF) made the seizure of various Bitcoin mining equipment in Rio de Janeiro this Friday (29).

Since the beginning of October 2021, the PRF has once again launched Operation Aegis, to fight criminal organizations operating in Brazil. This operation is carried out on the main federal highways in Brazil, in an attempt to stop robberies, drug trafficking, among others.

The main focus of the new action is in the state of Rio de Janeiro, where organized crime has great influence and is the current priority of the PRF.

This operation had already been carried out between 2017 and 2019, when several drug shipments were seized, as well as robberies prevented throughout the country.

In operation, PRF seizes 25 Bitcoin mining equipment

Bitcoin is a digital currency that operates in a completely decentralized way, without an entity that controls this network. In other words, to carry out the validation of transactions for this currency, miners and nodes must work uninterruptedly so that everything is safe and functional.

Thus, Bitcoin mining equipment, a term similar to gold mining, is responsible for creating coins on the network, as well as validating transactions. Many people install this equipment in their homes to get the rewards for the activity, which can be beneficial in the long run.

But a person who was traveling in Rio de Janeiro, on the BR-116, in the municipality of Seropédica, at km 210, was approached in the early hours of this Friday by the PRF, within the scope of Operation Égide.

With ostensible policing in the region, the Jeep Renegade was approached and several goods without invoice were found inside the vehicle.

After being questioned by federal agents, the driver said that this was known Bitcoin mining equipment, an Anti Miner. The suspect explained that the equipment was purchased from two individuals in Ciudad Del Este, Paraguay, for the amount of R$ 8,493.00.

The sum of the acquisition was R$ 212,325.00, thus indicating that 25 Bitcoin mining equipment was seized by the PRF in this operation. In note, the federal highway police indicated that the suspect, vehicle and merchandise were sent, and he must be liable for crimes against tax order in Brazil, which can lead to imprisonment for 2 to 6 years.

“The vehicle, the driver, who should be responsible for the crime of embezzlement, and the goods were sent to the Federal Police for appropriate legal measures.”

It is not the first case of equipment purchase in Paraguay that has not reached its destination

In Brazil the practice of mining Bitcoin is not prohibited, as people try to earn money from this activity, despite the high costs of local energy.

Thus, the Federal Revenue Service seized Bitcoin mining machines with a couple at Ponte da Amizade last July, showing that these equipments are already in the sights of authorities when they try to enter the country without an invoice.