Tuesday, July 5

Primavera Sound will stay in Barcelona until 2027

The organizers of Primavera Sound have announced that they will sign an agreement this week with the Barcelona City Council to guarantee the continuity of the festival in the Catalan capital until 2027.

Colau and Ayuso kiss in a huge drawing hung by Primavera Sound

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“I hope that later, there will continue to be many more”, said Gabi Ruiz, organizer of the festival, during the press conference in which they took stock of the edition. “It is a project born in the city”, added Ruiz, who has denied that the organization has blackmailed the council.

And it is that this edition has been marked by controversy after the festival threatened to leave Barcelona and stated that the consistory “treats us like a nuisance”, while they assured that in Madrid they had “an impressive reception”. Likewise, as already mentioned, in 2023 Primavera Sound will be divided between Barcelona and Madrid.

The continuity of the festival in the Catalan capital is almost guaranteed, only in the absence of the 2024 dates being secured since, according to Primavera Sound, “at the end of May we have to compete with other very powerful festivals in the United States” .

Thus, after two years without being able to celebrate the festival, this edition closes with an economic impact of 349 million euros. During the two weekends that it has lasted, Primavera Sound has gathered half a million attendees: 220,500 the first week and 240,000 the second.


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