Thursday, December 2

PrimeXBT brings all the platform’s tools to the mobile with the new application for iOS

As part of our ongoing effort to innovate our award-winning trading platform, we have included popular new altcoins, launched multi-currency support with the V2.0 update, and introduced a number of competitive features that allow traders to take full advantage of the volatility that exists in the market. market and all from a single account.

Before today, many of PrimeXBT’s advanced features were exclusive to the browser version of the platform. As much as the world continues to move towards all digital assets, society is becoming increasingly mobile. For the convenience of users around the world and to make our advanced tools even more accessible than before, we have released a new iOS app that includes the full suite of PrimeXBT trading tools in a high-end experience that it goes where you go.

Introducing the new PrimeXBT app for iOS

If you are familiar with the PrimeXBT desktop or mobile browser experience, you should feel right at home with the new PrimeXBT app for iOS. The look and feel of the app matches the style and feel of the PrimeXBT trademark and maintains the same customer-centric approach.

With the new iOS app, users can sign up for a personal account, pass verification, make deposits, withdrawals, account transfers, and much more. Users also have complete control over their positions and their portfolio, access to price charts and Covesting’s copy trading module.

Users can also expect the same reliable experience without system overloads or server downtime, the tightest spreads, and industry-leading security. The app also acts as a portal for our 24/7 live customer service in addition to custom account managers.

Deposits in BTC, ETH, USDT, and USDC are supported, and users can start trading forex, cryptocurrencies, stock indices, commodities, and more with as little as $ 5 with no hidden fees, all on the go.

Tutorial for the new PrimeXBT iOS app

Here we will do an in-depth review of the new native iOS app, to help show the user interface:

To get started, users will be greeted with the PrimeXBT family login page. Users can also sign up for a new account or reset their password.

Users will then be asked to set up a passcode and asked if they want to set up biometric account authentication for added account protection. This includes fully encrypted and integrated iPhone technology such as Face ID or your unique fingerprint via Touch ID.

The Home section is similar to the Main section in the desktop version and provides an overview of all PrimeXBT wallets, margin accounts, Covesting followers, and much more.

Users can also click on any of the included and protected wallets with bank-grade security to make a deposit or withdrawal to and from the account.

The Account tab in the Trade section of the site is where users can fund a margin account via internal transfer and view all relevant data related to balance, equity, margin and PnL.

The Markets tab in the Trade section includes a watchlist of all available assets, which can be searched or filtered by forex, crypto assets or CFDs on commodities and stock indices.

Clicking on any asset will display its chart and allow users to place a buy or sell order. Traders can also enable technical indicators and change the time frame.

Ordering is easier than ever, making margin impact, available margin, and margin allocation clearer than water.

Traders can visit the Positions tab to manage their portfolio and view the PnL on each individual position and trading pair. Here, users can also modify orders with a stop loss or take profit order, or close their positions.

Covesting users can view your portfolio, along with information on your current performance.

Preparing the PrimeXBT mobile experience for the future

The debut version of the new iOS app is released with certain limitations in functionality, but includes the infrastructure to allow our developers to regularly improve the experience with future iterations and through ongoing development support.

For example, users will be able to fully monitor their Covesting portfolio. However, users will not yet be able to interact with the Covesting module to create a new strategy or follow other strategies.

The framework will be rolled out from day one, allowing these features to be added in future app updates. The new design of the native application will allow access to all PrimeXBT products, making it the only one-stop shop available for everything related to trading and investing.

Download. Qualify. Enjoy

The new PrimeXBT app for iOS devices is ready to download right away and is available by clicking here. An Android version is expected in the coming months, which will also support the full suite of award-winning trading tools on PrimeXBT.

We want to kindly request that our community rate the app and leave feedback with a review. Community members who successfully report bugs will be entered into a bug bounty program, with up to $ 10,000 in prizes through funded accounts for selected winners.

The duration of the bug bounty program is one month from app launch, and users should submit any discovered bugs to [email protected] for consideration. Please note that if the bug has already been reported, no reward will be provided. Rewards will be based on the severity of the bug and the order in which it was reported and will include:

Stay tuned to the official PrimeXBT blog for the latest news and upcoming updates to the iOS app, along with more information on the Android version when it’s ready.