Saturday, May 21

Primo Rico asks followers about Bitcoin’s fall: “Do you say I told you so or fell, bought”? | Bitcoin Portal

Investor and youtuber Thiago Nigro, popularly known as Primo Rico, echoed this Monday morning (24) the fall of market-leading cryptocurrencies Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), with a provocation:

“When you look at BTC dropping -50%, and ETHER dropping -60%, what do you say?
– I warned
– Fell, bought questioned to its 298 thousand followers on Twitter.

Taking into account Nigro’s positioning in favor of the crypto market in recent times, he should be part of the “fell, buy” group.

At the end of December, when Ethereum started its downward movement and hit BRL 22,500, the Cousin Rico invested BRL 50,000 in the currency, buying 2.21 ETH. At the time, he showed that he had the equivalent of BRL 189,000 in cryptocurrencies in his portfolio.

He also bought BRL 50,000 worth of Bitcoin during another 50% drop, when the asset dropped from BRL 367,000 to BRL 180,000 in May 2021.

Since then, investor enthusiasm for digital assets has only increased. On Twitter, he defended non-fungible token (NFT) innovations in response to comments criticizing the technology.

“There’s a lot of movement happening under our eyes. Believe me, my grandmother won’t know what an ‘NFT’ means, but she’ll have one in her wallet – and sooner than we think”, wrote Nigro to Felipe Castanhari, a youtuber who says he hates NFTs but who confess don’t understand anything about it.

Nigro Answers Whether It’s Worth Buying Crypto in 2022

In the first week of the year, Primo Rico published on your YouTube a video to answer whether it is worth buying cryptocurrencies in 2022.

According to him, there are factors that can strengthen crypto-assets this year, such as the presidential elections that tend to generate tension in the traditional market and scare away Brazilian capital. A second factor resulting from election fears is a possible rise in the dollar.

“Since bitcoin is dollarized, if you have cryptocurrencies in a general way and they are dollarized, they tend to be adjusted upwards even if they don’t go up, because the effect for us who look at our equity in real, is a positive effect. ”, he explains.

He also adds that the increasingly consolidated entry of major players in this market, such as companies that put bitcoin in cash, strengthen the cryptocurrency in the long term.

The growth of other innovations in the crypto environment, such as the NFTs themselves, blockchain games and DAOs, also strengthen this investment class as a whole.

The decision to buy cryptocurrencies in 2022, regardless of whether it is a bearish or bullish year, will come from the positions of each investor.

“Here’s the thing: if you don’t have crypto, you don’t have good or bad weather to buy, you have to have a little bit in your wallet as diversification. If you already have, but have little, it might make sense to improve your diversification. If you have a lot, then I think it’s each one on their own, but if I had a lot I wouldn’t go out buying a lot, I would buy a little bit every month, as I always do”.

He concluded by saying that, “regardless of whether it’s a ‘sideways’ year or not, if it drops it’s a good time to buy”.