Tuesday, November 30

Prince Charles grants the Royal Seal of Terra Carta to Acciona, Atlantica, Iberdrola, Inditex and Santander

Prince Charles of England has granted the Royal Seal of Terra Carta a Acciona, Atlantica, Iberdrola, Inditex and Santander, among other companies. It is a recognition of the companies with the greatest contribution in terms of climate change and sustainability.

The concession of this distinction is part of the program of activities of the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP 26) which is being held in Glasgow.

Terra Carta is a personal initiative that Prince Charles launched at the beginning of the year with the aim of accelerate the transition to a sustainable economy. Although Carlos de Inglaterra has been actively promoting environmental protection and sustainability for decades, Terra Carta is differentiated by his strong sense of urgency.

Its purpose is to give a new impetus to fight the climate crisis and define a roadmap for accelerating the transition to an ambitious sustainable future. It takes its name from the Carta Magna signed by the King of England in 1215, one of the first documents that defined human rights.

The initiative is mainly aimed at private sector and seeks action from the world’s top business leaders. It already has the support of the leading companies worldwide.

A few months after its launch, Prince Charles wanted to recognize the world’s leading sustainability companies that have shown to have a clear contribution to the fight against climate change, with a clearly defined plan towards decarbonization.

Between the approximately 45 companies that have received the seal are Acciona, Iberdrola, Inditex, Banco Santander and Atlantica, the renewable energy company listed on USA.

Of these firms, the one with the highest capitalization is Inditex, more than 99,140 million euros, followed by Iberdrola, with more than 65,300 million, Santander, with more than 56,650 million, Acciona cabout 9,100 million and Atlantic with 3,800 million.

Likewise, it includes large multinational companies from all sectors such as Siemens in energy, Unilever, L’Oréal o Pepsi in consumer goods, SAP y HP in systems or HSBC, Credit Suisse O Bank of America in the banking sector.


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