Tuesday, November 30

Principle of agreement between the Government and laboratories to freeze drug prices until January 7

The representatives of the Chambers expressed their willingness to reach an agreement, pledged to take the proposal to the rest of the actors that make up these entities and to respond to the national authorities before November 8.

For the population with social security coverage, the decision of the health portfolio to advance in the reimplantation of reference prices, for a set of active ingredients for outpatient use, which will make it possible to choose according to individual convenience and thus reduce household out-of-pocket costs. This will facilitate the possibility of increasing the transparency and availability of information.

Finally, it was agreed to resume the burden of prices by the laboratories in the National Vademecum of Medicines published by the National Administration of Medicines, Food and Medical Technology (ANMAT), in accordance with the provisions of Resolution 215/2014 of the Secretary of Internal Trade. Thanks to this, it will be possible to carry out the monitoring and follow-up of prices so that they are accessible to the entire population.

The call was made in view of the pronounced price increases of some frequently consumed drugs in the last year, which are added to the high dispersion of prices for the same active ingredient observed in some segments.

Vizzotti, Feletti and Debora Giorgi.jpeg

Carla Vizzotti, Roberto Feletti and Débora Giorgi.

Also present at the meeting were Vizzotti and Feletti, the Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Health, Sonia Tarragona; the Undersecretary for Medicines and Strategic Information, Natalia Grinblat; the Undersecretary of Actions for the Defense of Consumers, Débora Giorgi; and the Undersecretary of Policies for the Internal Market, Antonio Mezmezian. They were also present Manuel Limeres, head of the ANMAT and the Superintendent of Health Services, Daniel Lopez.

On the part of the pharmaceutical sector, Nicolas Vaquer and Carlos Escobar placeholder image the Argentine Chamber of Medicinal Specialties (CAEME); Laura Fabra and Alejandrina Arauz the Argentine Chamber of Producers of Generic Medicines and Hospital Use (CAPGEN); Eduardo Macchiavello and Eduardo Franciosi the Industrial Chamber of Argentine Pharmaceutical Laboratories (CILFA); Juan Jose Marconi the Business Chamber of Pharmaceutical Laboratories (COOPERALA); Maria Isabel Reinoso and Ricardo Pesenti the Argentine Pharmaceutical Confederation (COFA); Carlos Alberto Sandoval and Miguel Osio of the Pharmaceutical Federation (FEFARA).

Feletti yesterday considered it necessary to establish “some kind of intervention ” by the State in this sector, understanding that “There can be no essential consumption that does not have some degree of regulation.”

“We are going to see the state of the situation (of the medicines), but it seems to me that there has to be some kind of intervention because, if not, there is no income policy to be sustained,” said Feletti.


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