Wednesday, December 8

Prison for seven of the 14 arrested for belonging to a criminal gang linked to the Boixos Nois

The investigating court 1 of Sabadell has decreed provisional detention without bail for seven of the 14 detainees linked to the ultra group of the Boixos Nois. The action is part of an operation of the National Police against drug trafficking and the exploitation of women for prostitution. The detainees, as this newspaper had already pointed out, are close to the ultra organization of FC Barcelona.

Operation of the National Police against 14 members of a group close to the Boixos Nois

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The other seven arrested have been released with precautionary measures, after having gone to court this Thursday, as reported by the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia. Some of the detainees already had records for similar offenses and for having participated in violent acts of a neo-Nazi nature.

The police action, in which agents of the Brigade of the Judicial Police, of the Immigration and Borders of Barcelona Brigade, as well as members of the General Information Commissary participated, involved a total of 18 entries and records in various municipalities of Vallès Occidental like Sabadell, Sant Boi and Cerdanyola.

However, the case continues under summary secrecy and is open for crimes of criminal organization, against public health and prostitution of women, among others.