Wednesday, January 19

Prison for two men for drugging an American businessman to death at the Palace

The two men arrested on December 23 for the death of an American businessman in a room at the Palace hotel in Madrid have been sent to provisional prison by the judge on duty. The head of the Court of Instruction number 11 of Madrid issued the prison order on Christmas Eve and in it he accused them of murder and robbery with force.

According to the preliminary investigation, the 43-year-old victim was on a pleasure trip in Madrid. He was traveling alone and on October 30 he went out for a drink. After viewing the security cameras, the Police have verified that he returned to the hotel in the company of two men. The businessman’s body was later found dead in the room.

That day the head of the Court of Instruction number 3 of Madrid was on duty, which ordered the Homicide Group and the Scientific Police to clarify the extremes of what happened. Toxicological analysis of the body found an amount of GHB, or liquid ecstasy, three times higher than what is established as tolerable by the human body. Homicides, for its part, located the two companions of the victim that night and on the 23rd they proceeded to enter, search and arrest both of them in their respective homes.

The two men arrested have a history of robbery through the method of “chemical submission”, as the technique of introducing drugs into the victim’s drink to override his will and steal money and belongings is known.

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