Monday, September 20

Proclaim the militant consensus

Next November, the membership of the PSOE in Madrid will have to choose who will be the 9th secretary or general secretary of the Socialist Party in Madrid. And it must do so in a situation in which the PSOE is the 3rd political force in the Madrid Assembly – for the first time in history – and with a reduced representation in the capital city council.

In this context, in which there is no room for error, the best option for the PSOE in Madrid, the only sensible one, is to choose consensus.

A consensus among the actors that the PSOE of Madrid has, fleeing from digital temptations and last minute script twists, that we have already seen where they take us. We have a political obligation to choose who best represents the plurality and diversity of the Madrid federation and, especially, who best knows how to work collectively to establish a common framework within the party.

This is not the time for personalist projects or to repeat models that, however interesting they may be in the analysis, are far from the reality of the majority of socialist groups and their militants.

We must bear in mind that the election that the socialist militancy is facing in this appointment is not to choose the next candidate for anything, nor the mayor, mayoress or person who presides over the Community of Madrid. We Madrid socialists must choose a person to lead a team that is capable of reviving (in the most sanitary sense of the word) a Madrid Socialist Party that is still in the political ICU.

Every moment has its desire. For this reason, it will soon be time to choose who should head the candidacy for the Madrid Assembly for 2023. This election is not a first round of that moment. Whoever is thinking so is wrong.

In the same way, on this occasion more than ever, we are called to elect a political leadership to lead the party. It is not a demonstration of power by weight or based on the influence of each “family.”

We must choose the most appropriate people to exercise executive responsibilities in the leadership of the PSOE-M and to lubricate with “professionalism” and from the best representation of Madrid society, the machinery of our party and provide the necessary tools to the groups to be strong throughout the territory.

These elections, responsible for a Secretary General and a Regional Executive Commission, will mark the future of the party in the Community of Madrid, which is almost the same as saying, at the national level. For this reason – we reiterate – there is no room for error.

For this reason, we call on socialist militancy, with the utmost respect for different sensitivities, so that the first choice we make is that of consensus. Consensus that establishes being clear that the first point to elucidate in this process is the collective construction of a project. The generation of a new work model adapted to Madrid and its uniqueness in the national territory, to new forms of communication, broad and transparent participation and, above all, to the use of the huge base of militants with exceptional training and experience.

For all this we understand that now, in coordination with the Management Commission that leads the party to the Regional Congress, we must prioritize the collective over the individual. The common versus the personalities. That will be our best choice for the General Secretariat, for our party in Madrid. Proclaim the militant consensus.

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