Monday, January 17

Producers from the Ngäbe Buglé region receive inputs from the IMA

Small producers in the Ngäbe Buglé region received 1,500 pounds of a rice by-product for animal consumption and 6 packages of agricultural tools, which were delivered to them by the Agricultural Marketing Institute (IMA) in the Community Work Tour of the National Government held this Friday, December 17 in the township of Hato Julí, Mironó district.

The authorities delivered these inputs to the representatives of the three favored organizations to be used in the agricultural work they carry out.

Among the groups that received the contributions is Sribi Wuairey, located in the district of Lajero, Nole Duima district.

It is a chicken fattening farm where 34 people collaborate.

Similarly, Krudugrabu Sribiga Jañode, located in the Hato Corotú district, Mironó district, dedicated to raising birds and made up of 48 people, received the implements.

The Mixed Agro-environmental and Artisan Association of Cerro Tula, dthe village of Hato Chamí, district of Nole Diuma, which is made up of 29 members who grow grains such as beans and pigeon peas.

The representative of this Association, Gilberto Rodríguez, He thanked them for the donation and stressed that the IMA has supported them through other efforts allowing them to market their crops.