Thursday, January 27

Producers seek to enter e-commerce

Representatives of groups, associations and cooperatives of small producers were trained on the use of the collective brand in the agricultural sector and on the design of online catalogsand, with the help of experts from the Ministry of Trade and Industries (MICI), during the First Virtual Agrocommercial Forum (Agrocom) 2021.

Participating producers learned about the advantages of having a digital presence even when its web channel serves only as a product demonstration showcase, indicated Luis Cedeño, head of Internet Commerce at the MICI, who detailed in his presentation on the components of the digital ecosystem, the alternatives when creating a web channel and the aspects e-commerce legal in Panama.

While, Leonardo Uribe, General Director of the Industrial Property Registry of Mici, explained the benefits of having a unique brand identity; the properties, protection and steps to register a trademark; as well as the implications and success stories of collective brands, which are carried out through associations and companies.

Agrocom 2021 is developed by the Agricultural Marketing Institute of Panama (IMA) in alliance with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) Mesoamerica and with the support of the Secretariat for Central American Economic Integration (SIECA).

In a first phase, this event led to training sessions, and it is expected that from November 16 to 19 a business conference will take place.