Tuesday, September 28

Professional firefighters, foresters and neighbors demonstrate in Ávila to ask for more investment against fires

Several hundred people have participated this Monday in Ávila in a protest to demand the improvement of firefighting services in the autonomous community two weeks after the Navalacruz fire, which devastated 22,000 hectares, becoming the worst in the recent history of the autonomous community. The protest, which has been called by the Youth Association of Castilla y León, was attended by forest firefighters, professional firefighters and residents of the province, as well as from the municipalities most affected by the flames.

The Youth Association considers that the catastrophe of the Navalacruz fire is “a consequence of the absence and precarious forest management by the Junta de Castilla y León”, for which they demand a greater investment in prevention, so that they are of a permanent, and not activated only during the summer. The young people join the protests of the professional firefighters of the community, who have denounced in court possible negligence in the management of the Avila fire by the Board and the Provincial Council.

The motto of the protest was “Abandonment also burns”, as a way of denouncing the connection between depopulation and fires. “The lack of investment and inequality with other areas causes people to leave the towns,” says Javier García, spokesman for the youth association. Therefore, they claim to the Board that, as they recall, they have transferred the powers in nature conservation since 1984. In addition, the end of the cuts and increase in the budget for management and cleaning of forests and preventive treatments, for management and effective and continuous prevention throughout the year.