Tuesday, March 28

Progressive International accepts donations in Bitcoin and Ethereum

Progressive International expressed through Twitter that it would accept donations in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. In order to overcome the obstacles they face when they are excluded by the traditional financial system.

It is a global initiative to unite, organize and mobilize progressive forces around the world. In December 2018, the Democracy in Europe Movement (DiEM25) and the Sanders Institute issued an open call to form a common front in the fight for democracy, sustainability and justice.

“Last week, several companies blocked donations to @progintl’s solidarity campaign with Cuba and its ambitions to help vaccinate the world. To defend ourselves against attempts to exclude us from the global financial system, we now accept donations in cryptocurrencies. Our addresses are below.

Cuba and its progress against vaccination against COVID-19

The Cuban government has announced advanced plans to deliver tens of millions of doses of homemade COVID-19 vaccines to the Global South. Described as “lifesavers by the boss” of the Progressive International delegation in the Caribbean nation.

At the briefing, the Cuban government announced its plan to get these doses into the arms of those who need them in the Global South, including: Solidarity prices for Covid-19 vaccines for low-income countries, technology transfer when possible for production in low-income countries. Thus, how to extend the medical brigades to develop medical capacity and training for the distribution of vaccines in partner countries.

The press conference was organized by the Progressive International in response to what the World Health Organization (WHO) called a “tsunami” of new Covid-19 cases that hit the world in early 2022. A record number since the pandemic began in 2020, amid a situation that WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Gheybreysus has called “vaccine apartheid.”

Progressive International will continue to receive donations in cryptocurrencies

Meanwhile, a member of Progressive International reportedly told Cointelegraph that Dutch bank ING and payment giant PayPal blocked donations to the organization. As well as his solidarity campaign with Cuba to help vaccinate people against COVID-19. According to the representative, ING and PayPal were “acting in support of the US embargo.”

They also stressed that they depend on donations made by people to be able to finance the work they have been doing. In this sense, he extended his thanks to those who have joined and donated cryptocurrencies to continue these works. In fact, they mentioned that despite being the first time they accepted cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum as donations, they intend to expand the payment options in cryptos. This, so that they are not limited only to the main ones in the market.

They also shared through their Twitter account the donations they have received so far. Specifically a total of 0.008 BTC ($307), while the ETH wallet address would have 0.715 ETH ($1,979).