Saturday, August 13

Project Cambria: this will be the older brother of the Oculus Quest to transport us to the metaverse

Facebook is on an event, one of the most important in its history, in which they have revealed its name change to Meta and a complete bet on the metaverse. Mixed reality (AR and VR) is an essential part of this virtual world, and Project Cambria will be the big bet for 2022.

The company talks about Cambria as a new virtual reality project, beyond its own Oculus Quest. They guarantee that it will be “a completely new advanced and high-end product”, anticipating that its price will also be quite high.

Beyond virtual reality glasses

Project Cambria will be part of one of Facebook’s high-end products to live the metaverse experience. Everything points to a new VR device format, with a high number of sensors that will be capable of transmit real world movements to the metaverse.

This VR device comes to record the smallest detail of expression of our face and movements, to transfer them to our virtual avatar

In other words, by putting on these glasses and entering the metaverse with your avatar, your gaze, facial gestures and movements will be recorded in an extremely precise way, as promised by Facebook. They are designed for all scenarios of the virtual world: improving the movements of our avatar, collecting and interacting with objects in the metaverse, sport, etc.

In addition to focusing on virtual reality, Cambria will focus on augmented reality, integrating with elements of our home and our environment. In the presentation they have shown as an example a piano game a la ‘Guitar Hero’ inside a real piano, although not everything will focus on gaming, but in different AR scenarios.

Facebook indicates that Project Cambria will come next year, and we can expect from them a higher price than the Oculus Quest and its predecessors.