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Project managers find oppoyouorkers

The increase of remote and contract work in the digital age spells opportunity for project managers who want to work on a freelance basis

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The digital age can also be looked at as the age of the project. With every new business needing a website, a digital marketing plan, sales initiatives, and so on, their needs expand as the fields of SEO, social, and digital grow more complex and competitive. Companies can now outsource a lot of their own industry’s specialty areas to remote workers online too, which is its own massive market of project-based work.

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How many project management opportunities are out there?

A lot. To begin with Indeed has over 5,000 project management jobs listed for Canada at the time of this posting, and LinkedIn has over 15,000. On top of these listings, there’s also the fact that new businesses need to budget and plan for how it’s going to manage its projects. Someone who is certified can not only apply for one of the thousands of jobs listed out there, but they can also pitch themselves to new businesses and create jobs for themself.

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What kinds of skills should project managers pursue, and where can they learn them?

There are a lot of facets to project management, from people and time management to productivity. Mastering methodologies like Agile and Scrum makes a big difference in terms of how you could approach something from a technical angle. Also, learning how to communicate with people and Conjure up the most value from your time with them are key skills.

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