Monday, December 6

Projects announced in Bocas del Toro to promote culture and tourism

The shortly launching of the construction of a Cultural Center in the Changuinola district, the habilitation of cultural spaces in the Governor’s Office building on Isla Colón and proposals for cultural projects with local authorities announced the Minister of Culture, (MiCultura) Carlos Aguilar Navarro.

The above was revealed during a work tour carried out to different parts of the province of Bocas del Toro and where he was with several officials of his work team.

Aguilar met with local authorities, civil unions and private companies who will work together to carry out the aforementioned projects.

Yessenia Sánchez, Director of International Technical Cooperation, detailed the actions, programs, results and progress of projects at the national level carried out by the Ministry of Culture such as the recovery of historical sites such as Portobelo, San Lorenzo in Colón and the reopening of the Reina Torres Arauz Anthropological Museum, which has been closed for more than 24 years.

Opal de Icaza, Chief of Staff of the Superior Office presented to the authorities the progress of the Colmena Reading Centers, and stressed that so far of the 19 centers projected for Bocas del Toro, 14 have already been delivered and highlighted the work of the volunteers in the different Reading Centers.

For his part, Jaronne Rovi, Director of Miciculture Infrastructure, announced the construction of the Center for the Study of Fine Arts and Folklore of Changuinola, which will have areas for plastic arts workshops, such as drawing, painting, sculpture and ceramics, dance and music rooms and access ramps for people with disabilities.

Likewise, the mayor of the Almirante district, Deric Chavarría, thanked the visit and presented some initiatives with three projects initially, such as a modular museum, the House of Culture and a mini coliseum for cultural activities.

Stella Stephenson, governor of Bocas de Toro; Deric E. Chavarría, Mayor of Almirante; members of the Technical Board of the Panama Tourism Authority and directors of Micultura, the general secretary, José Ismael Herrera; the director of Special Projects, Yessenia Sánchez; the advisor to the Superior Office, Opal De Icaza; the Director of Infrastructure, Jaronne Rovi; the Director of Legal Affairs, María Luisa Lindo, Martha Delgado, Nidia Cubilla, Regional Director of MiCultura, and Lesbia Rubides, Regional Director of ATP in Bocas del Toro.

On its second day, the Miculture authorities met with the President of the Bocas del Toro Chamber of Tourism, Juan Pablo de Caro, Civil society, in order to initiate proposals, contribute ideas to highlight the culture and preserve the architecture of the place in the recovery of the Historic Center of Bocas del Toro.

The president of the Chamber of Tourism in the discussion expressed “There are a lot of stories in all the streets and it is you who can help us to recover this as a tourist product” . Dance our traditions, we have work to do.

Let us make an agreement between the private and the public sector, let us work together and be able to recover our history, stressed de Caro.

The tour culminated with the visit and tour on the island of Bastimento, where the Minister of Culture heard the proposal of the representative Ashburn Dixon, to work together and start two projects, such as: The construction of the Casa Cultural de Bastimento and a communal ranch for cultural activities on the island, to community development.

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