Monday, November 29

Promote the protection of coffee plantations against disease outbreaks

The Ministry of Regional Agricultural Development of Chiriquí, through the agricultural coordination technicians, recommends that coffee growers monitor the plantation, in order to detect possible outbreaks of fungal diseases, and carry out the respective control.

The manager of the Mida R-1 coffee program, Alexis Bonilla, explains that these diseases can appear due to excess humidity caused by rain, which creates an environment conducive to the development of pathogenic microorganisms.

In coffee plantations that are in full harvest, the application of products for pest control should be avoided, It is advisable to fertilize, applying to the foliage and the soil, to avoid the exhaustion of the plants already harvested.

Emphasize that yes fertilization is carried out with organic products high in the nitrogen elementLike composting or chicken manure, coffee trees will be able to recover and cope with the dry period. At this time it is also convenient to apply fertilizers high in boron and zinc, to guarantee the fruiting of the coffee trees.

The regional director of Mida, Alcibíades Arauz, assured that lhe coffee harvest is progressing at a good pace in the areas of Renacimiento and Boquete, and the benefits receiving a quality grain (cherry) without impurities (damaged fruit, peduncles, pieces of leaves and branches)

Added that this year the producers have made a great effort, after the problems they faced in their coffee plantations with the climatological phenomena that occurred at the end of 2020.

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