Tuesday, October 19

Prosecutor’s Office asks for 19 years in prison for the Konecta Valladolid worker who recorded his companions in the bathroom

Valladolid Prosecutor’s Office requests a set of penalties that rises to 19 years in prison for the former Konecta worker who in 2019 was arrested by the National Police accused of installing a mini video camera in the operator’s women’s service, located in the Polygon of San Cristóbal, in order to record her co-workers. A worker found a hidden camera in the company’s toilet paper dispenser and her bosses asked her to be quiet because it “would create an alarm.”

The trial is scheduled in the Criminal Court number 4 of Valladolid for next November 24, although the defendant, LAOSJ, now 53 years old, negotiates an agreement with the public prosecution that could significantly lower the sentence finally imposed, in application of extenuating confessions – he also collaborated by delivering incriminating files to the police – and reparation of the damage by having compensated his victims, according to legal sources.

Such compliance, which would reduce the trial to a mere appearance, would be much more profitable for the alleged ‘voyeur’, who initially faces a total of 19 years of deprivation of liberty, at a rate of three years for each of the five crimes continued against the privacy that the Prosecutor’s Office imputed to him and the two years for two other crimes against privacy, along with fines of 11,400 euros and compensation of 1,000 euros to each of the seven victims.

The defendant’s arrest occurred in October 2019 for events that had begun a year earlier at the operator’s facilities, located on Calle Oro del Polígono de San Cristóbal, where, equipped with a mini video camera, he had been dedicating, presumably, to record their colleagues under the work table with the sole purpose of obtaining images of their legs, panties and / or intimate parts.

In the toilet paper holder

She also took advantage of the working hours to, with the same lascivious purpose, photograph or record them under the skirt when her colleagues got up from the table, until in October 2019, on one more step in her eagerness to spy on them, she installed the camera. in the ladies’ room, hidden in the toilet paper holder.

However, around 9:00 p.m. on October 8 of that year, one of her colleagues who had accessed the bathroom discovered the camera when she noticed that a small light was coming out of the roll holder, so that, once she found the device, she decided to put the facts in the knowledge of the National Police.

In an analysis of the minicamera, the agents found a card and when viewing it, which contained 14 video files, several workers were identified whose images the processing had recorded that same day.

In addition, in the arrest of the alleged ‘voyeur’, a neighbor of Medina del Campo and an employee of Konecta for 20 years, an external hard drive was intervened and the accused himself, in a sample of collaboration with the police that will be taken into account before A possible sentence of conformity, delivered another hard disk, two tablets, two cameras and several SD memory cards that contained hidden recordings, the vast majority, of an employee who worked at his home.

From the analysis carried out on all the material seized by the Technological Investigation Group, the domestic employee that the accused and his mother had hired was identified, as well as another woman of whom both were clients and who visited the family home in numerous occasions and five other women, co-workers in the Konecta company.

In the first case, 57 video files were viewed in which the domestic worker appeared when she changed clothes in a room at the beginning or end of the working day or when she went to the bathroom, material recorded between July 2018 and July of 2019.

In addition, in other videos obtained from ‘strangis’, a total of seven files, there was a woman who frequently went to the home of the accused and his mother, since they were her clients. The images were taken under the skirt of the victim when she was speaking with the defendant’s mother or when she was going to the bathroom, material dated between July 2017 and July 2019.

Humiliating comments

In the inspected material, another five women appear, co-workers of the accused, with images recorded under the skirt in different time periods and under the blouse.

The injured parties have reported having seen their privacy violated with such recordings, some of which have even been edited with comments of a vexatious nature, such as the case of a video in which intimate images of one of their companions appear in which it can be read ” how you put me, bitch. ”

In addition to the aforementioned victims, in the analyzed devices there are many videos in which images of the same type appear surreptitiously recorded with a hidden camera, focusing on the intimate parts of other women who, however, have not been able to be identified.


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