Monday, October 18

Prosecutor’s Office asks for 6 years in prison for the director of a public company appointed by the PP who took out 500 bills 48 times with a ‘black card’

Felipe Espinosa, former director of the public company Vaersa, sits next Monday on the defendants’ bench before a jury court for an alleged continuing crime of embezzlement of public funds.

After the suspension of the trial due to the dismissal of a witness and an expert, Espinosa faces a request for a sentence of six years in prison and absolute disqualification for 15 years from the Public Ministry. The former general director of Vaersa, appointed by the PP, took out 500-euro bills on ATMs 48 times with the E-Business Visa credit card, according to the indictment of the Prosecutor’s Office. He used the funds allegedly looted for “his own and private purposes,” says the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

The vast majority of the expenses were in restaurants, especially on weekends at the social club in the Alfinach de Puçol urbanization, where the accused resides. He also spent the money from the public company on meals on Fridays at the El Molí restaurant in the same town and in various commercial surfaces. Other “significant expenses” were the revision of his Jaguar, for 6,478 euros. In addition to the gasoline from their private vehicles. In total, Vaersa claims 105,397 euros.

In addition to the six years in prison, the Prosecutor’s Office requests compensation for civil liability of the same amount allegedly misused. In the trial before the jury, the vice-inspector general of the Generalitat Valenciana, Ignacio Pérez López, will testify.

Espinosa has already been convicted by the National Court for having withheld public funds for expenses such as self-loans, a transfer to his brother, tobacco, visits to the dentist and even trips to Luxembourg and Bogotá.

The former director of Vaersa was also convicted of the irregular purchase of 67 SUVs, some of them high-end, and the payment of bonuses to managers between 2007 and 2011 without the authorization of the Consell. In both cases, Espinosa agreed with the Prosecutor’s Office a pact of conformity, that is, he pleaded guilty.

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