Sunday, January 16

Prosegur Cash defines the roadmap for its dividends for 2022

Prosegur Cash maintains its dividend compensation policy unchanged despite the emergence of the omicron variant. Thus, the company reported on Tuesday the payment of a dividend for a total of 30 million euros distributed in four installments.

Prosegur Cash will also implement a share buyback plan for a maximum amount of 15 million euros that will affect 22.8 million titles.

And it is that the board of directors of Prosegur Cash approved the distribution of an ordinary interim dividend charged to the distributable profits for the current year at the rate of € 0.01970 gross for each share.

This represents a maximum total dividend of 30,002,049.66 euros and implies an implicit return on the current price of the company of the 3.5 percent.

This shareholder remuneration, payable throughout 2022, will be paid in four payments: the first in January 2022 and the following (also for an amount of 25 percent of the total) will be made in April, July and October 2022.

Repurchase of shares for 1.5 percent of capital

The board of directors, on the other hand, gave its approval to a share buyback program own in order to amortize them in execution of an agreement to reduce the capital stock of the company.

This decision will be submitted to the approval of the next General Shareholders’ Meeting.

The repurchase will affect a maximum of 22,844,200 shares, representing approximately 1.5 percent of the current share capital of Prosegur Cash and a maximum amount of 15 million euros has been assigned to it.

To undertake this initiative, the company will have a term of one year. However, this does not mean that Prosegur Cash does not have the power to terminate it before the end of the given period if it achieves its objective.

For Prosegur Cash, both measures are based on the company’s commitment to shareholder remuneration that the company has maintained since its debut on the Stock Market.

Acerinox also increases dividend and repurchases shares

The Prosegur Cash announcement comes a day after Acerinox will announce the proposed dividend of 0.50 euros per share charged to the results of 2021 at the next General Shareholders’ Meeting. On the other hand, the company has approved a share buyback program for a maximum of 4 percent of the capital.

For analysts Bankinter is about good news because it improves the shareholder remuneration proposal, keeping the dividend stable (which represents a yield per dividend of 4.6 percent), to which is added the repurchase of shares in order to amortize them.

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