Thursday, September 21

Protests for a “seduction” course during the Malaga Fair: “We don’t want sexists at the fair”

The Malaga Fair has become the setting chosen for the celebration of a controversial “seduction course”. The appointment, promoted by Mike Toro, who defines himself as an “instructor in seduction and charisma”, has generated the rejection of United We Can in the capital of Malaga, which has asked the City Council to intervene to prevent the so-called Summer Camp from being held. of Seduction. The left-wing coalition considers that this “training” has a “macho” character and clashes head-on with the intention of making Malaga parties a “safe” environment for women.

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The course, which will be held between August 15 and 21 at the Malaga Fair, is sold as an opportunity to learn “tactics” to flirt. The capacity is limited to ten participants and the organization ensures that both theoretical and practical classes will be given in morning and evening sessions. As indicated the website itself of the controversial event, places have already been sold out and it will take place, despite the rejection it has generated in a good part of Malaga society, after United We Can echo its celebration, as Diario Sur advanced.

It so happens that Mike Toro, the promoter of the course, claims to have worked together with Álvaro Reyes, another of the most prominent men in the business of supposed “seduction” and who has already starred in several controversies due to the markedly macho character of his conferences, such as the one that took place in Seville in 2014 when promoting a course for 300 euros that generated a lot of criticism to which Reyes responded by assuring that they came from “feminazis who have nothing better to do”. Now, Mike Toro picks up the baton from him and uses similar terminology to sell the Summer Camp that will start next week in Malaga if nothing prevents it.

“Phases to end up in bed with her”

The course is sold as follows: “A face-to-face training in which you will experience a total transformation and become that valuable man that so many women want to meet.” A declaration of intent that is accompanied by a list of explanations that seek to convince men who want to take girls home “on the first night”. “In summary, we will reveal to you all our knowledge acquired for more than 8 years in the world of seduction and training with the best seducers in Spain. You’re going to meet more women in a week than you’ve ever met in your entire life. What has taken me years, money, friendships, frustrations, failures to learn… And what has allowed me to be able to meet, attract, and kiss women far above my league, I will be revealing to you in these 7 days and we are going to be putting it into practice”.

In its presentation sheet, the Summer Camp does not skimp on strategies that seek to objectify women. “The technique to make a girl go from being on a pedestal to looking for your approval”, “the 4 phases you have to make a woman go through during the conversation to end up in bed with her” or “what It really makes women feel attracted to a man, and since they like you to enter them, talk to them, touch them, “play” with them… (this is something they will never tell you)”, are some of the sentences that can be read. Or others: “Another option is to do nothing and not be able to make a girl, no matter how tired she is of people throwing her cane at her, wants to stay talking to you.”

The course, allegedly valued at 1,445 euros, has an electronic book, a video course, personalized advice, a personalized plan in seduction and social skills, as well as “copy and paste message templates so that a woman responds to you and wants to talk with you no matter how many followers you have.” Its promoters, led by Mike Toro, are so sure of the success of their strategies that they state that if the participant does not make contact with at least one woman, they will be paid 500 euros. “I am so convinced that the methodology and techniques that we will teach you during the Summer Camp work that I am willing to risk it. Because do the numbers, if 10 students come it means that 500 euros for 10 people… I’m risking paying 5,000 euros out of pocket. And you may be asking yourself, am I willing to risk it?

All this has generated the rejection of part of Malaga society that understands this event as a “macho” act, as defined by Remedios Ramos, councilor of United We Can in the Malaga City Council. “We demand that Mayor Francisco de la Torre (PP) say no, that this type of behavior in our city is not allowed. This course must not be authorized and must be declared ‘non grata’ and the promoter of the same ‘persona non grata’ at our fair. We do not want male chauvinists at the Malaga fair, our fair must be for everyone, a safe fair for us, for our daughters, for our friends. There is no place for this type of behavior and these types of machismo“.

For its part, the Malaga City Council avoids speaking out before the event because, in statements to this medium, they consider that they have nothing to say, since it is something “completely unrelated” to the Consistory. The one who does speak out is the promoter of the event, Mike Toro, who to questions from Andalucía responds surprised by the controversy: “I am very puzzled as to how all these conclusions have been reached when no reporter has ever attended any of my formations. What is much easier to brand someone as a sexist by intentionally taking three sentences out of context from a website.